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Newt Gingrich, Bloomberg, Donald Trump discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show


Are you pay for those wise guys if you're if you're not supporting president trump you're basically trying to take this away from us? This constant stream of entertainment. That is not really even. If anyone else said that you wouldn't be always trashing Brad Pitt. By out of his mouth just sounds right like we'll get this picture anybody else in the history of that office at any time in history like picture you know like Jimmy Carter. Nineteen eighty going after the biggest going after Burt Reynolds calling a wise guy I think. Jfk going after you know Marlon Brando. Like it's just it's just it's it's just it's great. I think Andrew Jackson was probably a good insult. Comic Film Stars then. Well yeah but I mean there are still prominent people he was he was cheating on all the time theater. Of Abraham Lincoln got shot with trashing. Peterman kill them an actor. Yeah so I. I don't know I mean maybe Ronald Reagan will weigh in at some point and criticize movies. I have no idea but I'm just saying he himself. Of course as a movie star might be different. I don't know John Lewis. Booth a little wiseguy gag. She's got a little guy a big fan of them didn't like his work didn't like legends of the fall wasn't wasn't wasn't for trump. I keep trump watching a movie chant. Now this because any attention span for rugby watching movies on his phone eating. Yeah the trump. He'll say he likes like Macho. I bet there's a scene home alone that he's seen a lot he's seen maccabee. It's been caught up with him in it. He'll watch but that is funny though. I mean that's just and I think that's fucking I mean like Kalki get mad at that. He's so dumb. It's great now. Love these guys. He's already got mayor. Ps Alfred Newman which is not a bad one going to be. There is a physical similarity. This you know I heard. Swinson is talking about the Bloomberg thing this morning. Where it's like Bloomberg's mistake was not that. They attacked him. It was just that in his answer. Was I Watch the women have rosie o? Responsibilities Rosie O'Donnell what was that Mayor Bloomberg Lots and lots of women have big responsibilities. Thank you that's true right outside. Read yesterday I mean boy he taken and we were saying. Maybe a lot of people watch thirty. Five million people watched yeah. It was a monster today. I heard about it snowballs into an even bigger audience for next week. Yeah where's the next week so Carolina? No yeah that would make sense. I don't know if I want to say that's true so there yeah they'll all be back in Bloomberg will do no better like the. Here's the problem with stuff like this. Is he'll try to be like trump now in the won't work. Yes hey you know what might be. It'd be aggressive. Because he's GonNa look worse because towards the end of the day he had a good couple of decent comebacks where he was like I think I'm the only one here that started a business. And then he goes down different. Right right yeah. That was all right but it's like it just didn't too late though it's too late. Yeah I was listening to this. Podcast called candidate confessional and they talked to candidates who lost elections and talk to Newt Gingrich about the two thousand twelve presidential election. I like you Gingrich and the way you are Steve. He's okay why you say like that. He's just okay. I met him once when I was indeed. His head is enormous literally or it's like a balloon floats along. Yes we talked about because he was a good debater. If you remember he kind of started that whole thing if you remember not so CNN viral. Mo- John knew he knew how to get the clip. That's going to be playing. No I think I think trump was influenced by definitely so it was an adviser to trump. Yeah there there was a second or third guy was up two pence Gingrich in Chris Christie from which read? I Dunno all three have been great. Christie's vice president incredible but so they asked Gingrich the beginning of a debate. Two thousand twelve or CNN guy. John King got the marathon bombing story wrong by the way asked him. You know the the the it was the first question the Bait Story. Komo's ex wife said knew that. Astros if she be okay with an open marriage until the debate started in Gingrich took this guy's fucking head off. The plane went. Wild now is like an early moment. Real like Oh. This is the first time you're seeing somebody. Tell the mainstream media. Go fuck themselves in this. Podcast I listened to I. Just listen to it again. Recently he was like the debate or one or two great moments. And you're all set and he's like if you have one or two bad moments it doesn't matter what else you say right so that's my thing with Bloomberg you're right lucky rally the second but did matter is fucked written like he could have had the great the second hour of all time. It was over anyone's GonNa think of him going I in in Los- worn taking his head off and by the time what's that first commercial was dead. I bet a lot of people tuned out that point anyway and the other thing is most of these journalists. They're just trying to write their story. So they're going to watch the first forty five minutes and then they're gonNA start writing anyway now. If you have a great point in the last fifteen minutes of the debate go fuck points. Not even really matter like substance doesn't that's what trump understands a substance even matter people just want moments like that the other night that's it? Do you WanNa play the newt. Gingrich thing sure I mean yeah if you think about. This is the first question of debate which is which is kind of wild by gave an interview to ABC News and another interview with The Washington. Post and the story has now gone viral. Hold on hold on hold on. Just keep in mind the time the seemed crazy when you listen to it. Now when you think of how measured in Smart Gingrich sounds compared to trump like because at the time I was watching you want. Politicians are the South Carolina debate. His campaign was kind of floundering winning South Carolina and Tom was also on the stage to and he's pressing the family values. Yeah he wants a winning South Carolina largely because this but think of how measured he sounds here at the time. This fucking Wild Man. This is before trump to her in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine at a time when you were having an affair. She says you asked her sir to enter into an open marriage. Would you like to take some time to respond to that? No I will think. The destructive.

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Newt Gingrich, Bloomberg, Donald Trump discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

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