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You know the likelihood If they don't get Watson, which I think again probably isn't what's going to happen? You know, I don't know what's taking place right now in New York with the Jets and Sam Darnell's Let's say that they're unable to trade for a veteran quarterback. I would say the most likely scenario immediately would be you draft a quarterback very high as high as you can. Okay. And then you know, Nick Foles is gonna make $4 million next year. That's it. He takes up six million cap space. I know people are rolling their eyes right now is to bring up Nicole, but I mean that would be like a backup slash bridge quarterback. And then you try to find Great quarterback. If that's possible. I think that's probably right now what you would be looking at as sort of the baseline, but they're going to try to go above and beyond that, as they should. It's just you can want something all you want. It takes the other team to make that happen. But also, guys listen, there could be situations right now around the league quarterback. We're not privy to, you know, and that's their job. Now they have to exhaust Every avenue to get better. The status quo is not good enough, so there will certainly be at least one new quarterback of a starting caliber and then for insurance purposes. Because the numbers so low having Nick Foles around next year might not be out of the realm of possibilities. As we let you go on to thoughts one. What do you think of Josh McCown interviewing for the Texans job and then give us your winners for the weekend? Okay, so I see. A lot of people are upset about Josh McCown interviewing. I am off a strong belief that, of course. Someone like Eric. The enemy should have been hired two years ago, and it's just It's so unfortunate and it's just it's unfair. It's not right that he doesn't have a job. You know, just account is just someone that I think one day what would project to be a coach in this league? Maybe even a head coach in the NFL, So I don't think there's any harm in interviewing him. Especially since you're looking to calm the waters. You know, he seemed I'm sure he probably isn't too strong Watson's first choice if they want to keep him, But I guarantee you he wouldn't be someone that the quarterback would object to strenuously. I don't Jim Caldwell's another good choice to interview You did an excellent job in Detroit and kind of got screwed over there. You saw how bad Patricia Woz they really downgraded when they went from Caldwell to Patricia. So I understand the interview. My guess is they will hire him. I'm not up in arms. He was interviewed, but, yeah, I mean, I I believe that there certainly are more qualified candidate out there that I've been waiting their turn that should get a strong look before Josh account and My Super Bowl. The one I'm rooting course I want to see the chief and I do want to see the Packers. To me. That would be the best match up on the field Super Bowl Sunday. How are we having a virtual party? Your house? Is there going to be a zoom call that we could all get on the pretend we're at your house for Super Bowl party to share that That would be a lot of wind or a natsume call that that would be the mascot that I think's gonna happen. That's where the massive that I want to stay. Pretty great stuff. Thanks for coming on on such short notice. We appreciate it. If you have a great weekend, guys, nobody here. There you go. So we wanted to have J. Dionne to talk about Sean decide There's something really good from the athletic article. It says after going to be BU. On the pre med track. The side got his Masters of Columbia University and for a paper, So who's writing a paper he shadowed the football team. He got his doctorate, a temple, where he volunteered with the football team and eventually became a gratis assistant when veteran offensive coordinator George Daley own a task them with helping Get the team out of a dire academic situation. Then he continued to follow football. He met with the Bears of the Senior Bowl in 13. And he was hired as the quality control guy. And then now, after lots of years of hard work, he's the Bears defensive coordinator. Pretty cool story. Pretty cool story. Josh, who has had a very good career and then is getting a head coaching interview, right now Different path. Desai. Also his parents immigrated from India in the 19 sixties. He is believed to be The first Indian American coordinator in the National Football League, So that's really cool as well. Sean decide your new Bears defensive coordinator. We lost a great one. Today we will pay tribute to him coming up next. You're listeningto Waterland.

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