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No one to tell me about em, you know, you tell the truth you tell you I want to I want to talk about what you were saying about like like you said those classes are being taught for them to have financial literacy and have responsibilities as a brother in possibility. Yeah. His name is Dennis Kimbro exactly what Kevin Bracey does? Yes, so, I believe I believe that is true. And I don't know if I don't know if this lack of access from a lot of brothers cuz I made a brother in California hard to know from brother from Partners teaching that and I've been to the rookie Symposium several times in NFL. I know they teach those classes as well from from from probably I'm sure they do it in all the other professional sports. I'm not even just talking about just sports-wise as far as we need to know financial literacy from just for those guys as we would be instant millionaires. Now, we need to have it from also from a standpoint from the brothers just get ready to get that nine-to-five and and understand how to invest in the ira to be able to have that long-term money instead of going to buy that car and by that chain and go and go just to impress everybody. I think it needs to be something that's kind of more in routed to this and I do believe it needs to be at the high school level but my personal the only way to change that is if you make that a course requirement just like they suck you make it just like you have an intro to to the course. Like I think more house has a intro to Morehouse university. You know that you learn the anthem you age. Understand what Morehouse stands for and I'm only speaking on hbcus. I'm not sure on any other college but there's a mandatory course that you have to take. Well then now you have to suck. Well, let's make it a mandatory course for financial literacy, you know, so and that's what I hear you I hear you. I hear you. I'm thinking even before I'm thinking anything High School brother. I mean, I'm in college, but the problem is you have a high school is there's a curriculum that they have to stay on Pace with so that's why you hear they're taking the Arts out of the schools. That's why you hear that basketball or football programs are great. But when they start talking about we're going to pull these other programs because they know that those are their money making programs. They have a curriculum and I'll tell you from the cage through Middle School level. I know that for sure. They tell you I have friends that are teachers right now. I have to teach these core class. And any extra time that I have I can then probably instill some stuff into my kids, but I'm being judged as a as a teacher or as an educator until Thursday on math science English and and whatever the other the core classes. Yeah, the whole class judged on that and that only nobody cares about anything else. And so until you change that month. It's going to be hard because you're saying that that's nice to have but it's not considered a core class and because of lack, of course, I'm going to go for that. So that's brothers and sisters often do we think they should start to enforce that within the curriculum either either either as a as a smaller size or like or elective. That's a Betsy DeVos question. So, so let me and I love where this is and and I want to interject because I've got some History and some insight to this as you know, my wife is very involved with the administration of some local school districts here being being in her role and some school districts are starting to implement a requirement of having financial literacy, right that it's not standardized across the entire us or that that that's the best thing a question right there. But there are certain school districts across the country primarily. I can only speak for the ones up here in North California that I'm directly related to their is that a graduation requirement of knowing how to write a check knowing how to balance your your account knowing how to utilize those features and functions, right? So so that is there today in certain districts. But again, it's more the number of districts that are finding that time within the schedule to do it. Are they having school just a little bit earlier a little bit later. Unfortunately, are they cutting out some of the Arts and some of the Dead? Other types of scientists and some of the other activities unfortunately some of them are but they are starting to bring in those requirements of having some.

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