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I'm not gonna tell you. When on our sister station ninety seven when the river because I don't want you flipping the dial. But Deb is is an invaluable member of the team and looks fantastic in latex, we as we found out over the last six months on the other side of the takeout window is the stoic eskimo. His name is Andrew lung. He hails from Texas bringing votes, and he's the guy that's gonna play on this the audio. You hear on the show? He is the voice of reason. A lot of a lot of times on the Mark air. Thank you. He's stoic. He's always here you can count on these dependable reliable. And he's he's the the rock the anchor of the program, then we get to low T, Chuck. Also known from four to six PM. He's Charlie Thomas on the Eric Erickson show of six to eighty is low T, Chuck he hails from whitefish Montana. He will be screening your calls and just a just a heads up. Charlie is the angriest meanest phone screener. There is a delay. You remember when Belinda use the screen the calls for boards if you ever called up. She back. Hey, sweetie. How you doing Honey? Bubba pecan pie. No, Chuck is the opposite of that. What do you say? When someone calls, Jack, what's your name where you calling fats? All you're getting. He doesn't know any. And that's the beauty of the Mark Arum show. We he doesn't really screen the call traditional Callscreener will make sure bad caused they'll get to the air the crazy people. I love the crazy PS. So I welcome them. So Chuck is are you excited? Chuck this you get to go home in our early. Now, I'm very excited. Amir Ericsson Shogo forty six good little interruption with the press conference, but we're fine. The six second press com. What was going on? And where do we go with this? Do we not how long's he gonna stand there? So so weird. So we've got we've got other characters that come on. But these are the this is the core four Deb green, longoria, low T and myself, we are just here to entertain you for two hours a day. And that is our main goal. We're gonna have fun. We'll bring you local topics of importance most importantly, though, I think now for the Mark Arum show first time ever, we're going to do traffic every six minutes that means six minutes every six minutes to get a dose of my my former intern. Now, the king of the WSB sky-copter, Doug Turnbull, Doug, happy new year, my friend. How's everything going out on the roads? Go wonderful wonderful for me because we're going to hang with you say today can be a lot worse considering we had that rain on that arise if they're ready to rock. All right. How the roads doing buddy? Gotta talk. WSB man. Talk about that one. Now, just getting trouble just moved to the right? Eighty five north of seventy three that's one of the downtown has gone worth here over the last few moments. Trouble in Gwinnett county crash left lanes at Pleasantville road. Normally took a five year old at thirteenth forty-three moderate volume down. No wrecks blocking lanes of the Mark. Hi, thanks. Doug before you get to the big local topics today. I just a quick recap of my vacation. I take the last two or three weeks of the year off because of scheduling, I can't they're only two months, I can take vacation July and December because of TV ratings and and radio ratings books period. So I usually take three weeks off in December. I took two weeks off this year, and I'll give into a full recap on my vacation in the seven o'clock hour, but I want to ask you this question and listeners, I want you to think about this too. No matter whether you're twenty one or sixty one if you're not retired yet what what's your alternate retirement dream. I'll start with Deborah green. When you think about retirement? What do you think? Oh, I'm going to retire on the beach. I'm going to retire in the mountains. Like what what is your ideal retirement? I like hot weather, okay? I guess this is something you've had a talk with your husband like where do you? Where do we want to grow old together kind of thing? Hot weather. So we'll probably get divorced. Just because you got law, Gloria, you're you're my age, you're in your you in Leslie ever talk about what the your tyrant goal is like where do you wanna be when you retire? Yeah. My dream is to go to the west coast. But okay, I don't know if that's because of water burger. Yeah. Okay. Just because I like I like San Francisco area of the bay area and that kind of stuff I like, but it's very expensive. So realistically will probably be somewhere in Texas or something like that. You've had this conversation like when we get older and the kids are out of the house, you'll go out west and at Chuck you and you're a beautiful hot neighbor wife. Have you had the conversation where do we want to retire? Yeah. Oh, yeah. We're we both want to go back to Montana her more than me really because she's not for June. She would go. Now if I didn't have this job. She's she's from here not from Montana, and she's okay? She wants to go to wants to go. She said she'd go now if it wasn't for this, no kidding wide open. So I've always thought I want. I'm a beach guy I want to go to the beach by. But but I realized driving back from Joe from Connecticut, Atlanta to Connecticut and Connecticut landed back, I think I've changed my my retirement goal. I think I would like to live near the beach. But more importantly, I want to live in a hotel at some point in my life straight up live and a host straight up live in a hotel not like ninety dollars a week. One of those things you see on the break it out for an hour. But I just think I'm so enamored by hotel living like you they come in and make your bed every morning. They clean your house. They clean your room. Every morning. You've got shampoo fresh shampoo every room, sir. Service. I think I want to retire into a hotel. The only thing you'd have to figure out as just a dry cleaner for your clothes. I guess they have that service scenario. Yeah. You just leave the bag out on your door. And they come and pick it up. Are you not doing this? Now. I don't I don't know. I don't think I think it's expensive. I don't think they would cut you a deal. Right. I would think if you're a long-term you sit down and do six months or a year. I don't need like the four seasons or anything. Somewhere. Nice clean Ojo. That would be fantastic. And get that MAC. And. Yeah, there you go. But I just I I had this because I stayed in hotels various spots along the way. And I was like what a great feeling to wake up and be like they're going to do everything for me. It's kind of like a place for mom. I guess like some of those I don't know the retirement communities. But do they have to have those where they clean for you? Definitely I think hotel living is the life for me about this thing. The opening to green acres farm living in the hotel living is where where I wanna be am I alone in my alone in this in this thought of retiring to a hotel. Longterm or just like, yeah. Okay. See I could do it for six months. Yeah. I don't like people in my business. But I I couldn't do that long term. But the people in your business or like making your bed. When I read a hope when I rent a room. I don't let them clean for the whole time on there. They're not really. I'm with you on that. I always put the do not disturb, even if they're not there. Yeah. What if I lived there, and I know the staff I'll be I'll be okay with that. By the way, that was little John. Jay's voice is heard. He's preparing would you rather segment? We're gonna play in just a little bit. But he's also a vital part of the Mark. So I just wanna I am I alone in this has anyone thought about retiring to a hotel, and if not what what are your retirement plans, are you beach? Are you Montana? Are you going to get divorced like dad green because her husband doesn't want hot weather, or are you gonna go to India? Like,.

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