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Chrissy is brewers extra. Innings with Matt Foley on WTMJ. Brewers falling to the pirates three to brewers extra earnings rolling along. You're on WTMJ men Craig counsel, met with the media downstairs, just a little bit ago in as he opened up his comments. He talked about that play where Jeremy Jeffers through the second instead of throwing to home and whether or not the right decision was made there on. It wasn't a. You know there may be there been a double play on, on a good turn and throw. But. In the same place, as the runner third. Tonight. Yeah. I thought you I thought you lose pitched. Well thought a slider was was particularly good. And it's you know, a lot of lefthanded hitters in there, and he did a nice job, especially in the fifth fifth inning getting through Bellevue. The third time that was that was a big out in the game. And did that nicely. He delivered what we needed to give good chance. Yeah. I thought I mean, you know, it was occurring velocity was good tonight. I would just anecdotally say he did spring. You did throw more fastballs. You're right. It felt like that. He pitched. Well, like I said, it's, it's tough on those left, these really Reynolds. Reynolds had really good at bats. All night is best for the difference difference for sure. Even even a junior at bad. You know, he's too when he just laid awesome splits. And, and walked was. Oh two on base. It's a good way to leave at the twice early in the first inning. There wasn't really much. Closer now know their bullpen nice job, I thought Archer kinda got going little bitty a good life on the ball. And yeah, there was no injury. Let us let us know get to their bullpen. They're both huntsmen in pretty good shape. Because the games they've had less in Houston. So they were they were able to handle that. Well, guys did a nice job. Manager Craig counsel with the media just a few minutes ago. Downstairs brewers fall to the pirates three to how does it? I'll go down. We'll tell you what the highlights.

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