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If we talked about it. I interviewed Dan Crenshaw Eye Patch Guy Crenshaw. Was schooling him hard on everything and if they were in the studio he could have like if crenshaw made a good point he just do his little thing it does is like killing non. We're on video thing. Yeah yeah he's Nydia seals can't do now he just goes like this and like there's nobody crooked and still dropping and he's like truth on him he's calling in the made. Can you come get me my seals. So here's some people thought it was real. Yeah there's some real tweets one person tweeted. No we are not in this together there in on with WHO giving their millions to it instead of helping all poor and homeless. La and they were responding to a tweet. That's don't forget the celebrities they got together to share this inspiring message with their yachts and then thankfully another China and said this is a photoshop. Pick from the Babylon parody. Website ruined all the fun. The guy goes in all caps completely out of touch and then someone replied to that if we always in this together then we all would have yachts and fake. Lives like they do and then one of my favorites. This woman says they are clueless. Saying right now that we're all in the same storm but we're not all in the same boat but we really we really are not all in the same boat because some people's both their way bigger than other people have servants on their boat Do you want to read one of these The thought it was real. You see that one from Mel there. I don't see one from now know we're GONNA win. Deplorable no I think it's meant to be an insult. They mean we as in the the elite minority are in on the scam. That's just how I think I'm just saying that's just how I think is in there. A percentage of people that just don't do not get satire. It's a inherited trait thing to forty percent. Just do not understand this when this person has got some of those conspiracy theories going on here and then they feel like this article validates them soon. Army anyone to funny can't wait till these lively nuts distribute their wealth demonstration their commitment to a call for such stars almost blinds me with their brilliance. What's not to love? Just ignore the minor detail. Cannibalism and adrenal chrome. Look at those lovely yacht sentiment touching. So this guy goes or it's a woman goes straight to cannibalism and adrenal chrome. You heard this series conspiracy theories the conspiracy consider the conspiracy that these celebrities they harvest fetuses or babies to suck out some chemical from their brains to create adrenal chrome which is a drug that they all feast on in makes them. Mike Golic superhuman so they can be super famous. There's real people believe this. My my wife has friends Friend that's like a. It's really the people talking about this. We're probably never.

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