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Cape cod so who that killed stephanie but i wish i could say that all three of after specs adviser this one is no less responsible mother first up in these uh i don't follow your drake explain please greece uh uh these are the two mothers hatred and suspicion and jealousy those are the motive by but look who fired the shot death than they did she killed it i thought she couldn't and you blame their you all hated the balance of their stephanie hated view you saw a chance for revenge the gun was on the floor it belongs infants were on it he knew that orient had been library of human nature if it weren't for one detail he might have succeeded in sending yalta the chair wendy in order that the police would lose no time and apprehended one or all three of the murderers definitely called me on the full yeah that's right he said he'd been shock was dying on the phone as she fell i found during the live raw at the phone off the hook i assume that she'd been murdered kabc nagdi working on this premise not knowing the bitter hatred in the heart it was not until medical examiner ryan called being said that seventy had been killed instantly have been murdered now i get it yep stephanie was gone instantly he couldn't do called you first talk over telephone that fifth inspector stephanie called me but on their act and then as though great now bill hayden called me and said she will inspector remember mystery is my hobby gene uh.

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