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Again. The president of I versus the pandemic has hit the restaurant's hard and they've only done a fraction of their normal business and as the weather changes, and people can't sit outside way, don't think we're gonna have enough customers to cover our expenses. Ivers walk up fish bars and the restaurant and Michael Teo will remain open. Once again Washington State is in the crosshairs of a highly sophisticated phishing scam targeting state agencies. We get details from Kemal's Carleen Johnson. He was back in May, Our state was the prime target of an international unemployment fraud scheme where Nigerians were ableto funnel millions of dollars. Meant for the unemployed here. Federal officials at the time said Our state's computer systems were vulnerable. Well now Governor Jay Inslee says government agencies are again being targeted. You can't exactly which ones Who had more traffic than others. To my knowledge, we have not had any ransom where activity or requests. The governor wouldn't provide specifics about the fishing activity, citing security reasons, But the state's chief information officer says no personal information has been obtained. We are working with the Department of Homeland Security and other partners and have activated the state's Emergency Operation Center and the National Guard's cyber security team. Carleen Johnson. Come on news. We're now hearing from state Trooper Alan Dixon, who used his patrol car is a shield to stop it. Alleged wrong Way driver in Bremerton. He responded after he heard a radio call from another agency of a suspected drunk driver. In this operation Crime injustice report couples, Michelle Esteban says it's not the first time a trooper had to intentionally crash to stop a driver in the time. I don't think I even had time to be scared. One minute, Trooper Alan Dixon saw the headlights of this jeep headed right, Adam the next minute decision time. How will stop that driver that point? I think I'd accepted that I was going to be in a collision was pounding rain, The dark, Dixon says The driver was headed south bound on the north bound lanes of S R three in Bremerton and headed right into oncoming traffic. Think this is my best possible shot to get this person safely stopped in my best best shot. Watch out for all the cars that are behind me. He used his patrol unit as a shield and intentional collision. I'm just thinking I don't want this person getting by me and hitting that whole line of cars behind. He threw on every light he had. He thinks it's slowed the driver down, then brace for impact. Is anybody train you for something like this? It's not something that we want to do as a practical scenario in the patrol Academy, it's just something we talked About if we swerve out of the way or we don't take the hit. There's something worse that could happen behind US. Trooper Jessica Show put herself in harm's way to stopping alleged Wrong Way driver the same way in July, also on the same road, and I was able to see it come around the corner with enough time and in 2018 Trooper Bryce Schramm said He used the maneuver to stop the driver of a stolen truck going the wrong way into coma. So far this year, State Patrol has responded to 982 reports of people driving in the wrong direction. We know out of their 30 line of duty deaths in the agency's history. Traffic fatalities are the number one killer, but no serious injuries on Friday night, Dixon credits the person who reported it. That was huge for that person that did call it in. And I I'd love to thank.

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