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Obviously american film is grabbing from across the oceans Seeing working for them. And what's not but obviously do the hays code. There was a lot of changes that happened and a lot of these guys started to kind of change. You had a creature from the black lagoon and a bunch of other randomly. The fly coming out of places but they all come out of different things. So like the nineteen fifties brought the creature from the black lagoon which was a creature. So now you're getting out of monsters and getting into creature films and this is made for the atomic age already had like atomic bombs and things happening. Some people are wondering what's going on with those and we're able to really dive into science fiction and not horror and then later on because of the hays code and other things you started seeing Horror movies and these ideas a monster movies kind of changing an instead of offering. These supernatural creatures. You started seeing natural beings as deadly antagonists So you had humans such as hannibal lecter. Norman bates incensio lambs and nineteen ninety. One and norman bates in psycho in nineteen sixty But then you also had these animal films where you're taking something out of your normal day life and making it terrifying so you had seals in the birds. Then nineteen sixty three. You had a shark's. Jaws nineteen seventy five and you had dogs and cujo in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and then you had things where you kind of sympathize with them but not fully To kind of get around the hays code so you had the cashews sadullah. Who was born out of something we did that. We caused to create in an atomic bomb. And then you had king kong who is a product of his environment who was on an island doing his own thing that humans took and displaced him causing whole ruckus hall bang. That's one way to put it. It was a ruckus but these movies were so popular that universal did create the universal classic monsters and they even have their own cafe in a- universal studios and a lot of the heavy hitters which are the main head so dracula and frankenstein would go on to be faces and other things such as cereal. They were the spokesman's for franken berry and count chocula. Count chocula so good and then you had obviously the count count von count in late sesame street yeah haha now in one thousand nine hundred seventy two. There was a film magazine that was founded called the monster times and that magazine actually conducted a poll to determine the most popular screen monster. And this included count dracula qinghong wolfman mummy creature from the black lagoon. Frankenstein's monster 'cause there's differentiation let people think that frankenstein's monster is frankenstein. That's not the dr frankenstein. The monster actually never has the name. Godzilla was actually voted the most popular movie monster really. I didn't go too much into the invisible man because obviously we didn't really have too much of the invisible man. You can't see him anyway so now. Universal did have something called the inner sanctum. Which is a popular radio program. That portrayed mysteries o..

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