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The stereotype a little bit and they're on the honours list and the dean's less than all that stuff because apparently they're not being oppressed by this terrible racist society i i don't know how that works but it's trickier them the democrats would like you to think i suppose so here's the bottom line the democrats crazy as they are this is this is what the dealers seats in congress and seats and let's say let's use california as an example and why not they have we believe the greatest number of illegal aliens in the country there may be let's say two million illegal aliens living in california well guess what the number of representatives in the house of representatives in washington dc allocated based on population so of california has thirty five million people they get middle fortytwo whatever the number as representatives in the house of representatives 7 of ref roughly seven hundred thousand seven hundred fifty thousand people in each congressional district so number of of members of the house of representatives allocated based on the headcount in the state but if you go through the state and you discover that millions of those people are not citizens then it raises a question well however we allocating house seats based on population if you have a state like california what they get two or three or maybe four representatives in the house in washington based on a non citizen population right now the democrats know that they know that they've been cheating for years they know that they've been gaming the system they know that they benefit from the presence of foreign look we all benefit from the presence of foreigners i love rushed and because it's such an international city has got nothing to do with anything that's not what we're talking about here we're talking about by hooker by crook stealing seats in the house of representatives based on not only illegal aliens in the country that democrats protect when it comes to kait stanley or kate stanley's murderer they are firmly in the camp of kate stein lease murderer kate stein and kate stanley's family can go screw themselves as far as the democratic party is concerned this is about the mid term sms never take your eye off the.

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