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West, the sylvan expressways and reporting any major problems in her out of downtown Tampa. At this time, the veterans is clear up through suggest county and there are no reported problems across any of the Bay Area bridges. Charles E. NewsRadio, Wofl a westerly wind continues meaning we'll look for passing clouds and downpours at the coast this morning and then those showers and storms spreading inland to this afternoon rain chances at I 40% highs near 91 a heat advisory in effect for today, that means those feels like temperatures up to 110. Stay hydrated if you're outside Lows tonight near 80 Sunday will be a tad dryer with rain chances at 30% behind near 92 on the water today, West winds at 15 Nazis 2 to 4 I'm News Channel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly News, radio. W F L A Now streaming on your Amazon echo and over 2000 devices by the I Heart radio ad. Wei have a serious traffic situation, the kind that could screw up your entire day. Don't let it happen. Elitist traffic report is moments away on NewsRadio W F L A Say goodbye to your soaring summertime energy bills tune in Saturday that too, through the heat wave, their experts ready a show and learn how you could lower your energy bills and make sure your air conditioning system is running efficiently. Saturdays at two with industry expert Dan Billingsley Don't wait for those politicians to come up with a plan to help you out to use radio fella has your stimulus money. You don't even have to cast a ballot for us $1000.

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