China, Claudia Hammond, Iraqi Parliament discussed on Financial Issues


Yeah. Hello. I'm Claudia Hammond. And I'll be here in a moment with health check, the global health show thing back two years, and you might remember seeing the pictures of babies in Latin America born with small heads because their mothers had been infected with Zico while pregnant now, of course, those babies are toddlers, so how are they fairing today? And what's happening with z canal? Also, which countries do you think top the global charts for having the largest number of people sitting around not getting enough exercise where we finding out in health? Check. BBC news with Debbie Russ. The United States has recalled its envoys to El Salvador, the Dominican Republican Panama after the country's decided to cut ties with Taiwan and recognize China only seventeen countries now recognize Taipei Washington has expressed fears about China's increasing diplomatic influence in the Americas. The billionaire Jack Ma is stepping down from the chairmanship of Alibaba one of the world's biggest internet companies in the nineteen years since Mr. Marco founded, the firm in China, it has acquired a market value of more than four hundred billion dollars its interests now encompass online trading Hollywood film production and cloud computing. Is the last day of campaigning in Sweden before Sunday's general election, the main centre left and centre, right blocks, the neck and neck with neither likely to win a majority opinion. Polls suggest the anti immigrant Sweden. Democrats could come out as the second. Biggest party in parliament, the Iraqi parliament will hold an emergency session on Saturday to discuss a wave of protests in the country south. There's been widespread discontented factional wrangling to form a government in Baghdad as well as popular anger at power cuts and water shortages. British and French fishermen have failed to find lies in agreement to end a dispute which led to skirmishes of northern France. They could not agree about how much financial compensation British scallop fishermen who agreed not to fish in the bay descend should receive the authorities in Hokkaido.

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