Ucsd, Barack Obama discussed on Weekly Infusion - WI 32 - Surviving Terminal Brain Cancer


That royal out i mean i it's not just uh the fda that the making the determination i mean that might experience has been that uh on colleges uh are very conservative group i mean i i used to sit in on the ground rant grand rounds at ucsd in my overwhelming impression was their main concern is that didn't want to be blamed for anything then so that makes very conservative uh uh i i can answer your question is the why because it ultimately depends on the base rate is success and if you're base rate is as low as it is with galil blessed obama the idea that you use the same model that you use for treating squamous cell sk skin cancer uh it's just not very intelligent mean you you need a different approach and in so anything that uh and you can immunity to show that the drug does something uh obviously and and good animal model can do that and and early stage clinical trials where you see to or shrinkage can do that uh the gia but you're you're not likely to get a placebo affects for glee over with our own ask you about the blame that you're you're noticing do you mean the want to be seen as making the outcome worse while no they don't want to try anything that is all off the beaten path and then you have a bad outcome you you know word we are drilled at door ahead do no harm you know that's the consider the absolute cardinal rule against which all as measured and so if you make an outcome worst because of something you do that is a cardinal sin and all us benefit the question i think what you're saying is as a bystander when the outcomes are so bad way why can't you buy can't you flexed that a little bit is that what you're asking yes an also uh the question is who make the decision about for the risk taking level should be i mean i've been made that doctors don't think that the patient has the right to decide to take a risk right in amendment it's important patient.

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