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Like on the one on one north add Benton way ram part there is a wreck here I reportedly everything off to the right shoulder and some fairly they're slowing from about the two KFI this guy's sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff ball is looking to downtown Los Angeles if you better be over just over the four levels of better Garces free market everybody how it's empty it's rarely get to report on that that's for sure but even at north point one that some of these the later changed all is well you heard robin north of that things are good southbound come out the quite well as it's all good and even the harbor freeway now through downtown Los Angeles off to a wonderful wonderful day here majored in an accent visit superwoman server Laura dot com Jeff Bock KFI in the sky clear to stall in west Covina eastbound head and hold it was a still bus but it has cleared from the right lane KFI this guy helps get you there faster a robin banks Jackie enjoying a birthday party to world band aids fortunately I have to go and leasing a car today so you can lease a car right from your phone with the road look you can do it right here that is pretty cool they even deliver the car right to your house really well I better get to my house then see into the future in car leasing gives you access to hundreds of cars online or on the road a lap with crystal clear pricing we even deliver the car right to your house so hit the road the easy way with rodeo wow in new directions for women wants to help you or a loved one lives beyond addiction if you've been waiting for a new chapter to get sober what better time than now give yourself or a family member a fresh start this January with new directions for women by dialing pound two fifty and saying the word recovery that's pound two five zero and saying recovery new directions for women dot org a no recovery when you don't count to fifty you'll have the option receiving auto dialed the text message from my heart media the markets are close for new year's day but we've got your weather forecast this is your first alert forecast expect temperatures to be a little bit cooler across the region we're talking about.

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