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Garvin County Oklahoma, Florida, Tigers discussed on WAOK On Air


Gives basking control of about sixteen acres of land in Garvin county Oklahoma that is home to an animal park with an array of big cats it says that the the group this this group that exotic had must quote vacate the Zune land premises within a hundred twenty days of service of this order vacate vacation of premises shall also require removal of all zoo animals from the zoo land and it says the judge also awarded several cabins in vehicles to her as well basket I guess owns an animal sanctuary in Florida and she's been a critic of the animal park and it got into a legal battle and he this this what's his name the tiger King guy said that she was trying to destroy his business with an online smear campaigns and she argued that tiger King exotic guy was abusing his animals and crusaded against of his use of the Tigers for profit mostly I guess he tried to kill her that's the story right serving a twenty two year sentence for the hit attempt in other crimes that include animal abuse says he tried to pay him three thousand Bucks to kill basket by the way if you got a guy that you're only paying three thousand Bucks to knock somebody off for I'm not sure that's the guy one knocking somebody off this three grand to knock somebody off thank you very much I'm out of it you know in nineteen seventy two that might have been a pretty good payday but you know here in the two thousands that's not a very good payday try to knock somebody off it says that he also shot and killed five Tigers so baby lemurs and falsified paperwork saying they were donating she won a land a trademark infringement against him but now she's got the su right yes is the court documents speak volumes let's see the current owner of the park said that he was not it was was or is it state it was not unexpected that this would be the the decision the guy's name is Jeff Lowe was the guy who owns a part I remember we did the story.

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