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Games where there are huge numbers five catches ninety six yards two. Tv's and you look at talent. You say all i see why atlanta drafted him where it did but from a fantasy standpoint weakened weak out production. Put me down and i'm not going to use a high pick on him this season and i know they're going to be games. Probably against me where the guy goes off. But it's not going to be on a consistent basis in my mind. Let's keep them proven wrong. I'm with you especially when you can get more polish player like tj hopkinson who has eighty catch ceiling in the same ranger mark andrews. Who's done it already. You know these guys. I've projected higher and they're going off behind kyle pitso. I believe the talent love them and dynasty but it takes tight end some time to develop. So i'm with you one hundred percent on this a mike. I want to thank you very much for the time today. For the fantasy advice for those who want more of it. Please go to mike. Claes ultimate draft poured on espn plus dot com. And mike. thank you very much. Good luck this fantasy season and appreciate your help today. Thank you very much. Mike clay from. Espn offering system. Fancy football vice. Got me thinking a lot of different ways. I am into fantasy football. Leagues one's a twelve team league with some people in my neighborhood who work in the financial industry. Another is the more trumpeted sixteen team war-room league that has a bunch of people who work at. Espn like the hasselback. Brothers and rex ryan and tedy bruschi and chris mortenson matthew berry and this your times this is the league that really means the most that i've never one that i've had couple of really good teams in that i am targeting this year and when you hear mike clay talk you just start thinking about who you're gonna pick and those are great days the fancy football draft as to the best days of the year. Nothing like getting ready for your fantasy football draft. Good luck to everybody with their fantasy football draft also hope everybody got to watch be series white lotus on. Hbo that wrapped up sunday night. If you haven't sit down binge-watching crazy fun lot of interesting content. They're highly recommended. If you haven't watched the white lotus yet and as we get rep this podcast. The weekly gulf update is we had webb simpson in our weekly golf pool. This week. That was the biggest emotional roller coaster ride that. I've ever been on all season long in twenty two weeks with two weeks to go webb simpson. Took me on an adventure. That i will never forget. Double bogey the first the first day on saturday the only triple bogey of whole tournament on sunday. He's doing are tanking and then comes to life on the back. Nine with an eagle a hundred and seventy five yards out olds it. I was going crazy. And then mrs ten feet worth of combined birdie putts on fifteen and sixteen. He made either one of them either. One the guys in the playoff for first place instead finishes tie for seventh win over two hundred thousand dollars which gives me two hundred one thousand points in my pool me and my team. Now sit in first place two weeks ago. We're about two hundred. Seventy five thousand points up on the second place team. The northern trust is this weekend. I'm actually going on thursday planning to your nose reindeer in the metropolitan area. But i'm planning to go to encourage my golfer and let him know how much i need him. In the final weeks of my golf will. So let's go. Whoever that is have an idea of who it'll be but that golf pool has provided me. Endless throws an excitement. I appreciate everybody. Bearing with me. As i ride this emotional roller coaster and webb simpson men. That guy tortured me took a year or two of my life this weekend but all good it worked out in the end all right before we sign off on today's episode. Let me quickly tell you about black history always. This new podcast is in partnership with the undefeated that takes a deep dive into the stories.

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