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The eyes for a moment all was still both armies held their breath all the world seemed to hold its breath then goliath the once unbeatable giant fell and the earth shock with thunder david strode forward taking the heavy sword from the fallen giants hand even though it was as big as his entire body the boy lifted the blade high in the air showing the philistines that their champion had been defeated with moans of despair the philistines tried to flee but they were chased all the way back to the very gates of their home where they were defeated for good back home david was raised up by his brothers and friends and celebrated as the hero of israel the young boy was raised by king saul to be a high rank in the armies and eventually david was crowned as the king of all israel where he ruled for many years having many adventures his last words were recorded by samuel and they were wisdom that people all over the world chose to follow whoever rules must be just and whoever rules and righteousness will be like the light of the morning sunrise the brightness after the rain that helps the grass to grow the end today's story david and goliath was an adaptation of the traditional judeo christian story written.

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