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What we gotta do to keep them in school that think that's wise decision. The L. A Unified school district is the second largest district in the country. More Americans are leaving Afghanistan as the violence there escalates. CBS is Charlie Dagga. Here's what they're leaving behind. Two Afghan journalists say they were detained and brutally beaten by the Taliban for covering women's protests earlier this week. Mhm, the Taliban crackdown on mounting demonstrations, finally banning them until further notice. For all their talk of tolerance. The Taliban have already banned music and banned women from playing sports. President Biden called China's leader Xi Jinping to fix some issues between the two nations. They butted heads recently on everything from cyber security breaches to China's trade practices and its handling of the pandemic. There's a new revelation at the trial of 20 men accused in a deadly wave of terror attacks in Paris. France is Homeland security says it has evidence one of the men on trial for terrorist association was in fact meant to be one of the Attackers. On November 13th 2015. They say he was delayed on his journey from Syria. He never made it to France. The DGSE says it has a video showing Mohammad Usman in the then Isis held region of northern Iraq and Syria in May. 2015 3 months before he said he went there. Elaine Cobb, CBS NEWS PARIS A federal judge rules. Florida's new anti riot law is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. Governor Rhonda Santa's pushed it to stop violent protest groups like the AKP in black lives. Matter sued the state, arguing the law disrupts the right to free speech and assembly. This is CBS News. Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. It's 12 3 will take a look south of the city where serious crash it's 4 95 North and Milford by route 16. Re left lanes are closed. Heavy delays there. Expressways. Okay. In Braintree 93 north. You're down two lanes with delays at the Braintree Split route 24 north. The ramp to 93 south is closed. And talked on route. 24 is down the lane with a bit of a delay in both directions at route 1 40. Downtown 93 Coton. Very slow. Three left lanes taken mistake AB all the way to the O'Neill tunnel. 93 sounds actually closed. Between Sullivan Square and the O'Neill. They just closed it. It was a triple lane closures, so Updating you. We have three left lanes taken, Mr Cobb. Over the second bridge. Through the O'Neill tunnel That's very confusing on the picket down two right lanes and at a crawl, BU bridge past the Prudential Tunnel and airport tunnels. You get there on time on the son, Ryan Callahan, Ted Williams down a lane both ways. Under the speed limit this report sponsored by the Ad council, Okay, Dad, it's time to do the cabbage Patch the running man or something more contemporary. The floss dance like a dad learned more. At fatherhood.

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