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East and westbound lanes causing heavy delays on Sunset Boulevard aborted a if you can for the time being next report at ten thirty five AM login Davis with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio well we're finally starting to look like we expected to look at this hour lots of sunshine now and our temperatures going to keep going up we are going to get to the lower to the mid seventies at the beaches this afternoon lower to the mid eighties in the inland areas add in the valleys a bit warmer mid nineties as for your Monday low clouds and fog in the morning and then it turned sunny again and our temperatures will get into the upper eighties in the inland areas the low nineties in the valleys we could possibly see some triple digits here in there in the valleys by Tuesday but it's not a guarantee it probably will just be the upper nineties will keep an eye on that sample many right now is at sixty eight degrees in Santa Monica it's seventy one and in the Pasadena it's seventy five degrees the closure of Ontario based re planet that's the state's biggest operator of recycling centers well it may speed up efforts to reform the state's recycling system this is accurate really is pourtant insignificant issue governor Gavin Newsom says wholesale reforms are in the works but there's some disagreement with cal EPA's chief on how to overhaul the system it's been a year and a half in the making maybe two years and now it's hitting us hard so you'll hear more about this the next few weeks but we we're on top of it but we have differences of opinion exactly where to end up on this on Monday on Terrio based re planet closed its remaining two hundred and eighty four centers and laid off its entire workforce the company said in a statement it had to shut down due to the continued reduction in state fees rising operating costs and falling prices for recycled aluminum and P. E. T. plastic.

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