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Closing out this day of trading live to John Dunn occurred limber well in corona virus on one hand you have a concerning increase in corona virus cases in states like Texas and Florida even in China on the other you have a record jump in retail sales in may so on Wall Street the retail sales numbers are winning that tug of war although investors have run their gains higher earlier but the Dow is still up four hundred nine points the nasdaq a hundred forty two the S. and P. forty seven that jump in retail sales in may came to nearly eighteen percent though experts warn wants government stimulus money runs out the urge to shop they disappear to and economist Italian she says the monetary support from the government is giving people the confidence to spend but when the extra six hundred dollar unemployment benefits run out next month so might the confidence fed chair Jay Powell thinking along those lines too he told members of Congress today more government help me needed New Jersey is already known as an oil refinery state now though it wants to be a renewable one governor Murphy says he's planning to build a port on the Delaware River that would handle massive wind turbines it's part of his goal to get half the state's electricity from farms in the Atlantic and at thousands of new jobs Ian John thanks three fifty six now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court says the lower court should have privately reviewed as state police policy guiding troopers monitoring of social media before deciding was okay to block public disclosure of the policy the ruling today comes after Commonwealth court rejected a request from the American civil liberties union the state police disclose details of its policy for how they monitor social media to investigate crimes and do employee background checks the case now goes back to Commonwealth court still to come Philadelphia police may have a breakthrough in their investigation into the killing of.

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