A new story from Jared and Katie


Off and that's fine leaving in twenty minutes all man I will give props to Joe see yes after hip surgery and knee surgery all within a couple weeks or months yeah she came in she dressed up I thought a costume was awesome when it comes she dressed up as the old man from up she had hip surgery so she has the Walker she had to look just like him balloons attached to our back and everything and I don't know I thought the fact that she came and hurt just to participate was pretty cool good I think that's not what you wanted to mention that what he wants us to mention it was one that anyone in contact this way I just heard I was shocked because most of the people were up in our constant in their costumes up stairs and we're doing our little party and a lot of the people there already vote yeah but I was shocked when Jerry walked in as Josie full blown dress from Katie like no doubting a blonde wig tattoos and the what is the role that because Joe he was injured he what he did and he did the whole set up like loud as hell yeah I believe that I look at you see and I I thought she was gonna cry at first I thought she turned it around and put a smile on her face but it was the I think it was the funniest thing I've ever seen you're doing video I will see I wish I were taught Matt knew about it telling body else Katie Matt Rolin people people knew about it yeah actually gas does he heard about a blond wig as I can be joking about yes I my he thought he was joking around I don't think you would go that that all in you know and your did win the contest but for the record shows he did say at the end when you walked out I voted for Jared and Jenner didn't vote for himself it would in a tie about at all you did I I was so just like first of all props the ladies wear that dress a sweating like crazy that's normal for you it is wearing nothing and I'm sweating in tight dress that kept pulling it down otherwise my who how would a shop and Jared had lipstick on as well yeah by the end he looked like a female vampire where did you get lipstick trace you're fine honey I know I do think based on our appearance of female or male jerit it's about even as far as why not good either way maybe maybe even the females a little bit better looking although this Reggie start hitting on me before I realized who I was I didn't even notice him he's like where's Jerry and he's right next on here in a dress I'm right next to me he's like man you think for a girl please stop yeah you should have tried it right out there took your bath your bad self yes right out okay thanks for the dress I think if I want to burn it on the I don't wanna back thank you all right we have an in studio battle jeering Katie's about the sex I believe a football player versus a cheerleader all good we'll see who's smarter that's.

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