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Fast stuff and now igf focusing more on the lower shied them so i will take you know a regular peanut butter which has lower sugar than a reduced vat and again it's just something to be aware of because you know when something is cut out of something generally something gets added back and it's important to understand what that is yeah you know it's interesting to united talked about this before sometimes we know the importance of water and certainly in nutricia's dm you talk about that and that's been such a big game changer for me it seems so obvious but a a lot of people say why can't i just have to diets the white house does have a soda here and there but there are unique ways adds flavour to water right and that's the easy thing to do i mean regular toyota is is not good could mena forty grams of added shudder which is in that quite a few i think of 12 on fanatic but it is a lot of sugar and um so the general recommendation is to skip the phyllida you can go with but diet has negative stuff in there to in terms of diet soda but you can really freshen up water in sweeten it up with fresh fruits observed mieno often you you know though the water looks beautiful because people are adding the fruits and fruits are all floating around in it and it gives that are really nice flavor you i i'm a i like to add meant to the wider or is and uh but you know strawberries days online meal these things can be atom and it makes it um it's nice and the other thing needs i think we all think sometimes that uses healthy but juices another culprit of a lot of you know orange juice nail apple juice a lotta sugar in that so again you know best to you know acquit the waters where you can and flavor them a little bit so one of the things that dawn i got stung by just recently is so i'm very as to knows i lost a lot of ways i plan on loss and i'm working really hard added i diligent about it a nutritionist i'm helped thank you very much hear.

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