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Catcher doesn't really mean much to me. But i know that she was pivotal in the old versions of bond and this movies directed by santa mendez who has directed a lot of really really good movies in my opinion So he turned a road to perdition nine seventeen Let's see what else Ajar head american. Beauty's not really looked on super favorably anymore because of the whole Seven casey person don't really want to mention his name. But yes sam mendes mixed mixed good movies and this one definitely had his style. Because i i liked his work in nineteen seventeen. I could see how he volved from sky fall into nineteen seventeen and then It just it felt like spies doing spice stop. That's the biggest cabinet. That i can get it. What would you think guys stifle. Oh it was a it was really good. It didn't feel obviously. It's still a bond movie but it's i feel like it in a way it could have just been. Its own thing like it's a spy spy movie. I like the other ones before this like. They were spy movies but they were more like like action. Spy movies is like spice by one. This one is a real toss up for me between sky fall and casino royale but it was really good. I really enjoyed this one. And i really liked. Yeah like you said the introduction of of q he was he's a i i really liked you especially in the later movies and.

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