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No I believe that I I I now I know how the friendship came about and and god bless you for being able to be thrown together with him yeah as opposed to maybe someone else that was not nearly as as friendly as and there is concerned and and and and mindful of the fact that you were brand new to the big leagues scene well even when helpline with buddy I had no clue like what would you tip the clubhouse guy right and I would go and ask him and I think buddy it is always you know help me with you know with hunter dinner with the actual idea yeah but I was good to buddies kids as well when we did after a ball game and you know this this Marty Joe Nuxhall and body and maybe a couple other guys would sit around and have a couple of beers right correct of course back then I didn't drink but I I know exactly do you have now yes Sir and I would go and play with buddies kids Rick Mike and David and I play wiffle ball you know where that that whole way is to go out to the to the filter right away and said no they already Tampa no this is the riverfront job at the regular so yeah I got that yeah and sit there and play with the kids and you know Frohman replied and everybody was gone in a lock of course I didn't not many friends you know didn't have a wife or anything like and I would stay till nothing changes yeah I understand I know you say a long time and and that's that's true that I believe yes and Bernie still the clubhouse guy has surfaced of great man as well he'd be vacuuming and it's a contract yet you got to get out but love buddy don I hope but he does not hear the show because he no like that ask yes it does he he doesn't like compliment you compliment buddy bell hill changes like it's like Alan Trammell yeah the compliment guys like that they'll change the subject you don't.

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