Yorkshire, Blackpool, Chelsea discussed on The Tip Off - Ep.9 When the roof came down


We had more than twenty local journalists so ball untaes research researching what was during on from yorkshire to cumbria them in them to blackpool they were findings really interesting things a low income gap when firms from the popular like who think that back and prime steak hitting classes on an economy on ball gotten our current facing time rebel primus at war meanwhile been completed spending on refugees by that icu if our say how can increase in party been fake about eight years now um i'm not mean that it is not keeping pace with the of koshnick curtain a why quickening neograph each combination of away from match hiding in the event a cry i hope we will look came up domestic abuse milking book we found in various rida huge wise incomes riposte to the police about domestic abuse are we start one were huge manager who have some shouted the crooks know you could launch year they have to one hundred porch old women and ninety eight two hundred m who who needed help 'em yeah well we spoke care what several shifts to see what can election region and they were telling us that they've also seen them she bid according to fight so if they let refuges be able to take care of your people that the having to tempt away particularly people who've come complex needs like people to disability uh message saying to us but yeah they ready to genuine did you feel it put lives at risk so we get dcb and we're almost ready to publish i'm still talking to the women from the kensington and chelsea shelter regularly.

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