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Were hearing an extraordinary story. About a young woman named Samantha who's radicalized into the alt-right and within the span of just a few months. Sam made her way into the leadership of the white nationalist group called identity. Europa when we left off Sam was hanging out at a party with Richard Spencer the Neo Nazi organizer and a crowd of people shouting. See Kyle but about six months. After that party Samantha Mantha who is thinking about leaving the group reached out to staff writer. Andrew Marantz he's covered the alt-right for the New Yorker writing about four Chan Neo Nazis and others and and his new book on extremism and the Internet is called antisocial. When Andrew was reporting he kept finding it wasn't easy at all to get members of the alright to sit sit down for interviews so I had been putting out feelers for a while in this world? I was trying to find someone who could really just tell me. Honestly what it was like inside the outright not give me spin or movement propaganda but just what their experience was getting in and ideally getting out and I had not had much luck and so one night I was sitting at work. I was in the conference room. Actually and I got an email from this anonymous thomas person this anonymous woman basically saying. I don't know if you've heard about me but I'm trying to leave the movement and I'm like physically about to go on the run because essentially when I leave I don't even know if I'm going to be physically safe. Hey sorry about that. Do you WanNa talk and and I said Yeah I WANNA talk for a few days just been kind of in place right now until like I have like five more days until the place confronting Okay and your end so I think it's I think it's like super interesting to be where you are. I know interesting is like maybe a trivializing word red for a very scary moment in your life but I do think it's I don't know I don't think this thing has been around long enough where people can go so in and then go out. I've never thought there was someone in your position. Yeah in a way. I felt like her story story was too good to be true. Like I felt like why would someone reached the upper echelons of the outright movement and then go run and tell some Jewish journalist I at the New Yorker their whole life story like there are professional organizations on the far right that tried to trap mainstream journalists into believing false stories. This thing that happens at scale so I didn't really trust her and she of course didn't trust me when you're sitting here presenting audio. It's like I'm telling the incredibly vulnerable with you. You know and it's like I. I have done that with anyone. You know I I know I I I agree I mean look this is gonna sound kind of weird in like forrest gump ish but like ideally I would really. If we were going to really have a real conversation conversation it would be impersonal Burger. You even live. I live in New York. I mean I would. I would like get on a bus and come see you. If you had time to release it I get in my car. I drive to this random town in Maryland and meet her at this hotel lobby and we just sit and talk and she shows me photos and audio files and videos and the more we we talk the more it becomes clear to me. What she's saying is ultra?.

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