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Basketball podcast. If you missed the last segment we went over the power rankings of the eastern conference. We pretty much know how the roster's are set. I wanted to pretty much. Give my thoughts of which teams were the best in the eastern conference in which ones will worse. If you guys wanna find out which ones. I placed the top. Go ahead and check it out. But now we're going to be doing the same thing for the western conference. It's going to be another battle for the west as every single team. Pretty much geared up for a chance to make it to the playoffs or the plan spots so with alfred. Let's get started with number fifteen the oklahoma city thunder. And i think this is going to be the official year work walled oklahoma city thunder. Finally get to you know the worst of the worst. They got a lot of young players. They drafted another young prospects. You know type of player in josh gattis going to need a little bit of time to develop into a good player in the nba. But i got a lot of young players. I mean shape alexander's. Obviously the best one. They got but then you got dairies. Bazeley aerobicy can reach williams alexa. What honey said a cassette ski you know. They got a lot of young guys that they're not really. You know that you know they're just not establish talent. You know it's gonna be a lot of guys that are it's it's gonna be a big developmental year for o'casey but also one that they want that they're gonna wanna lose as much as possible and kind finally you know. Get a lot of high draft picks. That's what they want. They wanna get a generational star. That's what they're looking for. Two kind of pair up with shade Alexander and they were even willing to trade shakila alexander to bring in kate cunningham. But i think that would've been very bad move. They're lucky that detroit Didn't accept it. You know because regardless shareholders young. What is he like twenty three years old twenty two. He's twenty three. He just turned twenty three. So he's a very young player. You bring in a rookie next season. That scott incredible talent. And you know you can put a longside dort. Who who's kind of developed into a very solid three d player Obviously gildersleeve alexander. I like the you know. The potential of isaiah roby and pook ski but they still need. You know a lot more time to develop. And that's what this year's going to be mainly about for. Okay see so. I see them being squarely in that final spot in the western conference at number fourteen. We have the houston rockets. Who did bring in jalen green and you know was it. They also got daniel thais. I believe you from not mistaken. Let me go there too. Yeah they did bring in daniel thais stay with but you know they do have some established talent. John wall obviously being the best. One there erik gordon as well kevin porter. Jr. it's going to be his season to kinda show what he's got as the starter and And obviously jalen green. They finally got a guy that is going to be there. Number one option on the offensive end christian would also is going to be a very important player for this team. Though at twenty five years old almost twenty six they might be looking to move on from him to try to get as many assets. possible Je shaun tait another young guy that look very solid. Kenyon martin junior as well. This is a very young team. That's going to be needing another developmental year. But they have enough established talent to win. More games in o'casey in my opinion that's why they put them. You know a higher spot than them. But they're still squarely going to be in that you know bottom echelon fighting for one of the number one you know picks in the draft and that's why i got here number fourteen at number thirteen. There's going to be tough to listen to for these fans. But it's going to be the new orleans. Pelicans and i know that sounds insane at thirteen. I mean they got xijiang. They got brandon ingram two of the best young talent in the entire league but they lost lonzo ball for what was his name again. mohannad let me go. Look for this again. They lost him for devante. Graham they bring in. Thomas outta ranchi is well garrett temple but it's just the they went down a notch in terms of talent. They're gonna be relying heavily on another. You know developmental year for brandon ingram and zeile williamson to really take this team to another level. And i just don't think the ready for that you know that they're going to need to kill alexander walker to step up cure lewis junior to step up to kind of take that point guard role away from devante graham. Boy you know you signed this you find graham to four years. Forty seven million. You're expecting him to be a decent part of your team. You know and. I just don't think they have enough talent at like you know you look at their power forward or center positions jackson hayes. Willie hernan gomez when gabriel. It's just it looks very weak. Aside from zion williamson like jackson. Hey did not start as off-season very well with the altercation with the police. I'm not going to give my thoughts on that because of course you know everyone has their story so i don't want to even talk about that but you know. What are you going to see from jackson hayes. This season ziegfeld step up and finally act like a lottery pick. You know who knows who knows. He certainly got a lot of athletic ability and a lot of potential to be a good center in the league. He just hasn't shown it up to this point. So i just don't know so. They got potential to have a great front court. You know and then you can kind of have devante graham out on the outside making threes. But there's just not enough spacing on this team to kind of help out zone williamson to really show what he's got like. He's going to have another all star season. He's already proven it. Last year that he's one of the best players in the league there needs to be more talent added to the team. That just wasn't so you know it's going to be another tough year for new orleans and just the the clocks ticking man on them and holding onto williamson which it sucks to hear but it's just a true. They have not done their due. Diligence to add talent around ceylon williamson so Next number twelve. We have the minnesota timberwolves. And i feel like there's actually going to be a pretty solid year for the minnesota wolves i know. Have them at twelve. This is actually one of the teams that i feel like of all the ones. I've ranked have the best chance to you know. Make me look like an idiot. You know with with the development of anthony edwards into one of their best scores onto towns for a full season. Diangelo russel can have a bounceback year beasley. Can you know keep it up and do the same that he did last year. They didn't add anyone. Free agency from what i have seen so far. So it's going to be pretty much bringing back the same team I do think they lost ricky. Rubio is no longer there. Is that a fact. I mean let me go here to double check on his on his. What's what's his contract looking like. Oh no at the do have him for another season but he was traded from. Okay seats minnesota. Okay okay so they still do have him for another season so they at least have a good veteran point guard to kind of round things out there.

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