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Hello welcome back to seriously with starting the cost with i guess not that topical piece of pop coach this week but it's something that i had never heard about and caroline showed it to me and it's so up my street and i just think it will be really up seriously this mystery as well so with no further ado we're going to jump straight into it so the first thing we're talking about this week is sandra a seven part poke cost from gimblett media is stars kristin wig leash your cotton ethan hawke and follows shortcuts character helen she starts work at a corporation which operates voice activated assistant called sandra so sandra is essentially a parallel to uruzgan alexa or siri on your iphone it's a kind of personal assistant that use speak to you with your actual voice an it will reply in a human sounding esque voice with answers to your questions or instructions of how to do things the premise quite interesting really is not that sondra is you know like a bunch of code the is behaving like a human in the way that like in the film her scarlett johansson is kind of like a robot that reaches human status almost but the idea is it's a bunch of actual humans he go to work in a work place and sit so of behind a microphone and signed specialisms.

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