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Us down well Reid was a terrible speaker frankly he was a baby you know what the hell it was dark resin making those remarks ahead of his campaign trip to Ryan's home state of Wisconsin U. S. women's a soccer player alley long as says her hotel room in Los Angeles has been burglarized developer reports long says someone broke into our room at the Ritz Carlton while she and her teammates were celebrating after being honored for their historic World Cup win at the espy awards Wednesday night Los Angeles police say the burglary was reported Thursday afternoon long tweeted her wedding ring cash and the key to the city he had just received from New York mayor bill de Blasio earlier in the day were taken so far no arrests have been reported Dave Albert Los Angeles California men gore's continuing to phase of fifty percent terror upon shipments to China but is game Jedburgh don York reports ever to be made to find new buyers California grows most of the world's almond crop but with high Chinese terrace is still in effect and most recently India imposing a tear up on California almonds growers a looking for additional markets to sell what they grow only king chair of the on the board of California and who grows almonds in Kern county says the industry is continuing efforts to open and expand markets to offset any challenges the next or send a pound for the last three years and we've taken that money and invested in opening up new markets Mexico Italy expanded the market in Germany so we're doing more to expand our markets to be more diversified but the concern remains about losing market share to a big country like China we were in the market because the terrorists were concerned about someone else moving in our place as a result king says Australia has been able to sell a lot more of their almonds to China this past year John York KPMG news the Dow adding a hundred fifty one points right now topping up this afternoon.

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