Rep. Michael Waltz: Our Money Is Funding the Threat of Communist China


America needs a wake-up call An American people need to wake up to the fact and just a couple of data points The Chinese navy is now larger than the United States Navy More ships and newer ships They are launching more into space than the rest of the world combined including the United States They're on track to have a separate space station and a manned station on the moon Within the next decade that will all be militarized and prepared to attack the United States And just don't take it from us mark or even from me listen to president Z speeches where he has openly talking about replacing the United States as a global leader replacing capitalism and democracy with their form of socialism and communism as a superior system And they just launched a hypersonic weapon that is a first strike nuclear weapon that we can't defend against but the thing that has me so damn mad is they're doing it with our money It's our money that is funding their military build up their debt diplomacy their belt and road initiative or they're taking up power grids and ports and airports all over the world And between Wall Street between Hollywood between the sports industry our trade deficit which president Trump knew and got on top of it is historians are going to look back and say the American people and the American tax dollars funded their greatest adversaries So my call to action to so many is if you see made in China put it down I've reached out to my financial adviser and told them to divest I get us out of investing into the Chinese economy But we have a long way to

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