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Keep this dice there. We're going to use it. It's it's it's I and that's fucking sucks but yeah. That's the thing rates if you like selling online roller. You don't hear that like I think you guys here and I got. I got so so many dyson here because it's not like just that like are Rolling d eight for damage exactly it's like and it's great when they're like okay. Roll your attack. Okay now. Roll your damage okay. What do I do? What do I do right this is you as a I put on player like what do I deal and they're like Okay D._A.? Roll it and then add your real multiplayer and they're all by lake shapes and stuff so it's even better yet. You're like Okay Roller D. One hundred that's how you know. You're getting some good stuff ankle stuff yeah yeah. It's a fun. I think that rolling with actual dice is a lot of fun but like say you're you're wanting to play out like purist dungeons and dragons like I think maybe not using D._v._d.. Beyond I mean we liked the <hes> beyond but like us your players Tamba Yeah. They don't pay us. We don't like you're GonNa want to have a player's handbook handbook handy. Would you so for the group to have one. You don't need not everybody needs one D.. M. is one hundred percent going to have one so likely I would ask to borrow theirs. They should probably have character. She's a Lotta Times. You work with your DMC like hey can you tell me with this and provide help. Provide this to me <hes> so I think making sure you have physical things is important for your experience so character sheets are important and so you're there in the experience but really you just have to bring I'd say dice net character she ah Pencil and a pencil in like a little notebook. Don't bring a Pan Yeah. Bring a pencil yeah and then also bring something to write in for notes for your campaign. Campaign notes a really important right because here's here's the situation during the campaign and like you went to such and such town like fucking six months ago. real-life campaign is only a week ago and so you should remember. Where was you talk talk to you and if you're like doing reconnaissance and like I'm trying to get information? You need to be able to remember that as a human being like a person like a real person somebody who lives in that world as like character yeah. You should remember who you talk to quote unquote yesterday or a an hour ago yeah those like even like your backstory history stuff like you should remember who your cousin is. That got kidnapped by Goblin. We're GONNA occurring campaign where like what city are. We in again and like like I I mean we had to pin map to the top of discord Jad. Just make sure everybody could go back traveling stack like okay well. We want to get here but wait. What does it look like again yeah so so yeah notes are important? That's a that's a good one to you again. If you're on a computer computer tablet or something where you can take notes Pan Character Shida three now these e._p._Z. Yeah something tangible for you to have. You're not gonNA remember all the stuff that your character does. I think just in general as a player coming in at level one in this scenario no what the fuck your character can deal there is nothing that pisses me off as a d m more than my players not at least trying to remember the abilities that they're go yeah and that's where it's like. <hes> like everything is kind of difficult but level one is not that hard as long as you put for the effort to have some on my idea. Maybe you don't know exactly how it works but if you're a Paladin no you have healing hands or touch yourself coach it. I don't I can't remember lay on hand sleigh on hands. If you're a monk no I don't know that comes in at level one but like new key points player Renault that you have domains and things like that. No you have a patron like no gear character at least a little bit and then as you go forward in the campaign campaign. Try to remember what you're doing because the D._M.. Shouldn't be the one looking stuff up for you. Constantly about your character put forth the effort help them out at least a little bit they already had to create an entire world and like the billions of their mind at the same time. They don't need to remember your player character Yep yeah so yeah be prepared but yeah. Let's get a little bit more into you said when you actually start the game what's going to like generally happen. Is there's going to be the scenario where so as D._M.. Putting together there's GonNa be the scenario where characters meet right. How do they meet yeah? How do they meet and you know there's like different ways? Set it up a lot of times. It's the tavern scenario tavern cavern. I Bet I think the taverns nearest probably nine times out of ten like you guys are sitting in a bar and you just which you know in real life ever struck of somebody in the bar and then like this is go kill some fuckers arrate. One hundred percent of people suckers yeah. I'm pretty sure that's how the Manson family got started. They were still in a bar and they were like maybe you want to go. Kill some fuckers. Anyways real-life real-life never happened for it but that's how it happens all the time your children tavern and some whatever he's like a board has like a poster on the market adventures like needed something drink guys altogether and and so be prepared to introduce yourself yeah no way your character looks like an have like a general personality kind of decide as generally what's going to happen. Is the Dan's going to be like okay like introduce yourself to the group. You guys see each other towns. Are you yeah and you can't just be like I'm a big black booder yeah. I'm like one of those like black bars fayssal slowly define itself as uh-huh yeah. You don't have to descriptive like here introduce your character just makeup character go <hes> you see before you a five seven Elvin woman <hes> pointy the ears green is long red hair. That's wavy. She has a staff that is made out of Oak has a crystal of the top that glows green and she's he's wearing leathers and she had caves made out of leaves guys. I just made AKA. That's key lift from critical role. I didn't realize it while I was a <music> needed an elven druid basically yeah so be prepared for a description like that where you're able to like say this is my person. You don't have to say I'm a Chu Yeah. It doesn't down because I think it's more fun to discover in your first combat right in a lot of people might get stuff in the descriptions anyways right like okay wearing a kate made a leads every person. I know where's that so. That's not drew would like yeah so they have an idea but I like to do things to were like like a person you might fit the description like one of my characters right. Now is like a barbarian that they're actually sorcerer right you know and so like you can fit different descriptions or whatever and Elvis Barbarian who's also very young female so like I mean your typical barbarian yeah exactly so I mean just come to the table with some sort of idea yeah yeah and if it's relevant you can share so for your like you can be as if you're introducing yourself to the team. Anyone say I'm a druid. I'm Virgo. You know we wanNA give like too much details on your past. My Dad was abusive so I killed my entire family. I don't know you can do whatever you want. That's like if you've ever met New People and they started telling you that Shit and you're like thanks. Thanks Bro ever share not doctor you anymore because does your little Weirdo over sharing. Let's let's experience that they're out there. s of our life can or you cannot share as much you won't be prepared for description and then usually after the introduction after your characters meet each other or act after they get set on the same wheels emotion you get into your adventure and we're not going to get into like how to live your venture but usually you guys have a destination in mind. I will say like one thing that's super important as a character though is like be prepared role play talk and ask questions and be informant informed and that is going to be I think the hardest part of every two game and being prepared a two role play right because this is going to go the D._M._Z.. Okay so what are you guys want to do and like if nobody says anything. That's it the end so some okay well. I'M GONNA go talk to the bar the bartender right or her. I'm going to go sit at this table or we should go into this cave or we should head towards that town because clearly that's where we're supposed to go or you know whatever rightly like like imagine you're in real life like you're with a group of people and so he's like hey what you wanna get for dinner. If everybody says I notice getting dinner out some options talk it over with your group talk over and character over in character Intergroup 'cause. I think that that's something that in groups that I've been in in the past we don't talk it over enough in character so you're not getting enough character to character experiences. You're just getting raven to Jesse kind of ex-pm which is there's there's a place in time for that as well and <hes> I wanna say it's outside of playing the game for the I wasn't sometimes there's necessary clarification and stuff like that that you might WanNa do between some characters some outside strategy yeah but I feel like it's more important to get that character to character character development because like I wanna say him one of the campaigns we're in right now. We hardly ever just sit down around a campfire implant things or talk about her. Just doesn't happen laugh because that's probably another good point is not always get your way in group to don't be upset about it. I felt like I'm being really attacked right now. I'm here to have a good time. If the rest of the team wants to do something else just go with the flow just that eventually like and said just like going in and wanting more combat you. I mean those role playing moments really do have their place in these games so yeah definitely wrote by but yeah so yeah. It'd be prepared to not let the just silence silence Phil Conversation Yeah have ideas. Come like thinking like okay playing video game like what would buy character do he would go talk to somebody to go. Get a quest. Go get a Klutz once you have the class. What are you go? Resupply start heading towards request also say that say you're not somebody that is very like you're not as comfortable in our Ping right now. Maybe don't choose to play a character that is very heavily arpey like a barred like bards talk lot and like people with High Charisma Blake. You're probably GonNa talk need to talk your way out of stuff or talk your way through moments so it just keeps that in mind when picking your player and your character it's like Travis Bellingham in critical role said I think one of the reasons why he picked Grog as his first character is because he didn't really play all that much before he didn't really know what he was doing so that's why he ended up playing think goliath barbarian with <unk> really low intelligence so that he wasn't forced to make those decisions and do those things so but not everybody can do it. There are definitely strategies to you playing. If you feel uncomfortable with talking like that so yeah for sure yeah okay what else did anything. I think that that's that's good for like yeah your first session again just be open minded and also come to it an open but yet you might not even really get very far in the first session to you like that's other thing about being open minded towards it as minded to other people solutions and things like that your team also be just like okay yeah. We didn't get any combat tonight. Okay whatever chill you how much better time about it if you're like me and I didn't get any combat this up so it's like episode this game this game. Let me say episodes okay and I want to say to like we were talking a lot about like this..

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