Norman Bryson, Broncos, Robert Muller discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


To pour down on the region. Norman Bryson is with Onslow county North Carolina emergency services. He says they had there have been many water rescues. We've had people on top of the roofs of the cars, they drove into flooded roadways. We are going to picking them off the roofs of their cars with helicopters. We have had people who have been on top of their houses, we've set high clearance vehicles into areas to pull people away where the flood waters are coming up in the city of new Bern North Carolina thousands of buildings have been damaged in. It's hard to get around. This man has been riding his bike because gas stations are shut down. Even if they do have gas. They have no electricity for the pumps at least seventeen people have died in this storm to DC now where there is some uncertainty surrounding the US supreme court nomination of bread caviar at least his confirmation following. Some decades old accusations vote this week to advance supreme court nominee. Brad, Kavanagh Democrats and even some Republicans are calling for a delay after allegations of sexual misconduct against him. A woman named Christine blazey Ford is accusing the judge of sexually assaulting her at a high school party in the early eighties Ford. Initially shared her story confidentially with California Senator Dianne Feinstein, who forwarded it to the FBI last week, but details were Lee. Later leaked. It was not a topic addressed during his confirmation hearings, but is now threatening to possibly delay vote. Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, Washington. GOP Senator Lindsey Graham says he trusts special counsel Robert Muller to do his job on CBS face the nation. The south Carolinian Republican discussed the Muller investigation into Paul Manafort, what metaphor has to offer on his anything meaningful. But I'm intent on making sure that more complacent investigation without political interference. He says he'll make sure the investigation is complete without any sort of political interference. And we'll be able to answer questions when the report is issued a dramatic come from behind win for the Broncos against the raiders. The Broncos didn't even get on the board until the second half. They were down nineteen seventeen in the final seconds. Sandra? Thing keenum.

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