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It's come to my attention that I've suddenly come on this podcast. And if people don't know who I am I just seem like some random fan boy at least in the first episode. Gush meet fucking factory and the three busy. You're often mostly gushing about your own show. No one knew who I was Matt. Should we introduce you introduce yourself Maxime Simone? I just showed up on the podcast right now. My credits include one person on read it saying I should be fired for calling something for calling a production of a rick and morty episode. I didn't paper costumes poor person. Rick and Morty. That should continue. That should continue. Someone made a video of it on instagram recently. Which was really funny. Was that like that that clip of Rick. And morty were Rick says a bunch of catchphrases did it but composite. J. As morty in me is rick in constant I there was also a reddit comment few years back that said Dave Bonowitz and I were the worst thing to happen to Turner Broadcasting Really. Yeah wow it was one person. You can't please everyone you know that one person has representative of more people. So it's likely through one cockroach. There's there's more Baha Matt how do you deal with pleasing people as a content creator because I feel like I start thinking back and forth a lot of time about accessibility like how to bring people into the door and make them interested in something without sacrificing? What makes you you know and messing around with new art styles for shows because I as people probably saw in the game set clip? I'm completely changing? The arch style. But also I want to capture a similar feeling. I don't know is that. How does that go in? Like when you were making AC- or one talking to them making. Tom Goes to the mayor or anything like that. How do you guys think about like what are People GonNa like? What's you know makes us unique? I don't know where to start with it. We should start including you on some of these conversations that I've been having with these creators so you can ask. These questions of them like can do the younger people and you can do the older people. What do you mean while? Do the ones like you know under thirty five. I'll do the older people. Yeah why do you think I have a different now kidding? I'm kidding I thought you've done great on all of these interviews. Oddly enough. They interviewed I felt like was one of the most comfortable I for. Un even though there's a few things that were thrown as you at Zingers felt like or you were you were unsettled. I felt especially in the beginning. You're just maybe because you know Jenna pretty well. I just felt like very comfortable and I liked easier when these things are done in person. Just be guess. She's real nice. She's friendly funny in Or last two or like Joe Para was over the phone and he's already awkward and slink is cool but like he's almost statuesque in is the way he emotes like almost like it's hard for you to get in on it and that's not bad but like it's like it felt like you're on the sidelines of him as a spectacle. I really liked genus. Show US Tony before the recording. I've said this before that specifically the McAfee interview. I sent to some my college friends which I don't do a lot with content from us just because I don't WanNa feel like a brand she'll unless it's something I'm making I think they'd like But I'm not like sending Mr pickles episodes a robot chicken clips to my college friends but a few of them. Like you gotTA check this out. I think this is so good. And it's also very much my mom and my dad though they are divorced and countries apart right now I think they really like Jon Stewart stuff and I know she happens in that world. I think they always wanted me to do something like that. I had them over last October. My mom and her husband and showed them the John McAfee interview Jenna Freedman soft-focus. Certainly the mark of something good is if you want to send it to people. Yeah I mean I think it's similarly interesting as tiger king which is now in the Zeitgeist so big. I feel like that specific interview has shades of that like where you're watching this large train wreck of a person. Yeah what was fun about this interview at the end? There's a little bit of a interactively with social media that pops up that has since been resolved. But I don't WanNa spoil anything real quick. Let's dip into the Sultan podcast mailbag adults in podcast. Gmail.com a compliment from Wayne Butler. I'll take it. It's amazing how many podcasts come up short on sound quality and editing even groups that no better and have the best equipment like NPR and CBS HAHA NPR and CBS. Thanks to Tina Lawrence Dave Bonowitz. They're the ones who made this Sound so good. Another email from Sterling Morrison cove. It isn't a virus. He's actually an asshole wearing a polka. Shell necklace. I don't what that means. Okay we get all kinds of mail another email from Jena. We'll just say Jenna I enjoy the job para episode. You did recently. That's great warm. Velvety smooth voices and I felt like I was wrapped in a heated blanket while listening. Finally Dylan's Salazar. Poor for Voronezh Spaniel Latino. Okay Beef House three busy. Deborah's programming note. Continue Sundays at midnight Hopefully we'll be able to get some of the doors on the podcast and we talked to them about it. I'd love that but today we're going to hear from Jena Friedman. She's done a couple of specials for adult swim soft-focus with Gender Friedman Max You liked the show enough to send to your parents. Yeah have we mentioned on the show way I wanna I wanNA say three busy efforts saying if you guys want more three busy. Deborah's were to feel like the core of who they are. Check out their New York magazine fashion. Improvisation improvisation video a fashion improvisation with three busy Debra. From two thousand eighteen. I think it's very video all right. Here's Jena Friedman.

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