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To the fantasy. Footballers podcast with your host. Andy holloway jason moore and migraine not welcome in wednesday september fifteenth. Mike reid jas. More andy holloway. The fantasy football is back with you. Straighten on some waivers right in early. Well i i was gonna ask if mike and recovered from on beck your back. I'm back baby. Just ready for waivers. I feel like it's tell me how much i need to spend. You guys are by league. Tell me how much. I need a couple more. Come on michael He knows he can right now. I want i wanted to go through. And and you you get them for some outrageous price when you go and look at the way like eleven dollars. We're talking about a leisure. Mitchell by the way i. I don't know if you guys know this about me up cooked it up. Oh but i gotta go change my whole done i. I was actually pretty in on regime. Oester i don't know if you guys knew that i heard now now for the year which this was. This was a player that spent most of his time on social media defending himself against an injury prone label in the last offseason right. I've got more exposed. I've got more muscles now. you had. What the spouse girlfriend coming out and saying like you guys make a big deal about everything. He's fine to place really. It's sad and i know that. I don't control it but it would have been nice if you played more than two plays. Because he was going to be really good. Yes mike he was going to be really like elisha. Mitchell got up just got more expensive. Click the button one time i. I honestly don't know i've been. I have never before like my team my roster the way it and we're in a keeper a league in the way it shakes out and we've got a lot to talk about on tv show we got. We got mailbag. We'll get to it. This is far more important I've never gone back and forth on a number more than i've done with a waiver claim. Yeah because this is. It's contextual right. It's like if your team is desperate. It's week two. If yes if they're what percentage chance he you know the guy. It's not one hundred percents. No it could be traced sermon. Kyle santa han. Like what are the odds. Sunday rolls around jer. Michael hasty of course the starting running back for the team that could happen. Michael hasty is actually. What scares me in the sense. I went back. Looked at the snap percentage the game flow theory and basically what was happening was it was a it was elisha and mitchell as the first and second down back and michael hasty as the third down back. That's what was going on. So it's one of those where that's most moster was the first writer back. But if true Overtakes allies and mitchell. There is no guarantee that it's trace sermon. analyzer mitchell. It could be traced sermon. And jim michael hasty in the third down role. Daddy taking your down my after that. No i just went up. Look yes where are you. Could he set up perfect. Put a pause. It's okay better late than never better. Beverly this week to like last year. If you go back in time there were players that you would have spent more on too. If you knew how the season was going to and james would have been worth all of your fat and not great all my fab. I and i was supposed to be giving advice. But i need it now. I on elisha. Mitchell so difficult. Because i honestly believed that you have to take the shot. You have to get him. And i've seen tons of people on twitter. I went full hagar. And i got him and i barely got him because i went with the with the full fifty five. And then you've but we talked what you to know your league..

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