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Stephen Gibbs as Cardiff, electric is crazy sell. That's what I thought too. So, but I asked idea, I'm selling asked him and he said no. So, I don't know. How did my day go the other day? One got lucky one. I didn't house that. So I'm batting. I'm, I'm batting 50. Yeah, I know the beds attached to your account, you know, we got a lot going on today and before I bring in the great Gregg Rolie, our I want to share my screen here and show you. This is how appalling that the And hypocritical. The Republican party is so, you know, and I'm sure Greg will be able to talk about this as well. Let me get this they're out. There we go. If my Republican friends in congress not a single, one of them voted for the rescue plan. I'm not going to embarrass anyone on, but I have here a list. Of how back in their districts, they're bragging about you plan. The territory the restaurant, revitalization fund. They touted the fact that we're in a situation where they dealing with touted grants to Community Health Care, Centers town. I mean, some people have no shame but I'm happy. I'm happy. They know that it's benefited their constituents. That's okay, with me. If you're going to try get credit for what you've done. Don't get in the way what we still need to do. Even my Republican friends in Congress. So there it is. I mean, and that's just, it's just, it's just freaking, so ridiculous, you know. Do they have no shame? I mean, they don't even vote for the rescue plan and then go back to the constituents and tell them that they, you know, as if they did. This is how lame the Republican party has become the GQ p as we as we, so call it. One last note, before I bring him the great, great, goalie are, who I really appreciate him coming. Last minute, I had the cancellation of Threes, they say good things, and bad things will happen in threes. So the other day, how sparse couldn't do it. And we all understand why how.

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