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The top 100 leadership speakers to hire. Now, over to dove baron. Welcome to your friends fans and follow aficionados of leadership excellence. Thank you for joining us on this episode of leadership and loyalty. I'll podcast. I'm your host dove Barron, I'm here to assist you Tapping into the one thing in your business. It changes everything by transforming meaning into action. Curious to know more, simply go to dove barren dot com. Now, let me ask you from a neuroscience point of view. What do you think matters more in leadership? Is it the heart of the brain? Well, there's a pretty good chance that your answer was likely the brain. But I wonder if you'd be surprised to learn that scientifically speaking, actually, it's the heart that's more important. Let me be clear, when I talk about leading from the heart, I'm not talking about some whoo whoo spiritual stuff. We're talking about highly scientifically researched value that you could actually add. So what is the elusive science of the heart and how does it impact leadership? Well, that's where we're going on the next two episodes, as always, we need your help in saying relevance. Please choose a favor. Get over to wherever is that you tune in to the podcast from whatever app it is. And we really need to appreciate your help if you can do a rate review and subscribe to the show. If you give us those 5 star ratings and write a review, it really helps. And you know, when we were working hard to bring you great shows every week and we really appreciate it when you just give us that little bit of feedback. If you are a regular listener, big thank you to you for making us the number one podcast globally for Fortune 500 listeners and we are honored and grateful to be cited by Inc dot com as in a more podcast to make you a better leader. All right, let's strip it down and dive right in. One of the latest trends in leadership is to try and optimize the brain. And as valuable as that is, the research is in, it's actually the heart that drives optimal human performance. How? Well, let's find out over the next couple of episodes because our guest for the next two episodes is Mark Crowley. He is the author of lead from the heart, transformational leadership for the 21st century. And his mission is to fundamentally change how we lead people in the workplaces around the globe. Not Crowley is a leadership pioneer. His work shows us that rather than being weak or soft management leading from the heart is the most informed and enlightened thing a manager or for that matter or organization can do. Mark Crowley is regularly featured. He's a columnist for fast company, magazine, and has been published in USA Today, Reuters Forbes, Stanford social innovation review, the Financial Times, having to post gallop, CEO, magazine, Great Britain, and many other outlets. His book has been taught in no less than ten American universities, including the educational PhD program at the university of Massachusetts, and at the university of Iowa's MBA program. He's leaked from the hot podcast is also featured in an audience of in a 163 countries. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and help me welcome. The

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