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So this was a tweet on the fifteenth big questions in comas badly reviewed book aren't answered like this is the president talking questions like how come he gave up classified information jail jail in parentheses why did he lie to congress jail why did the dnc refused to give server to the fbi why didn't they take it why the phony memos mccabe seven hundred thousand dollars and more it's kind of a billy mays touch at the end and more and men and much much more if you order now so the president obviously he hadn't read the book yet i guess unless you got a galley copy but he he's he said it was a badly reviewed book and then he went onto to ask some questions and then put the word jail in parentheses severi interesting way that trump does things now he didn't call for james comey to be jailed he mentioned a list of things like how come you gave up classified information and then you put jail in parentheses because some people their jailed for giving up classified information right just like people jailed for lying that's why you put it in parentheses so he didn't call for james comey to go to jail he mentioned the jail is often the result of giving up classified information and he also said he asked why he lied to congress and he put jail in there too maybe you think that's calling for him to to be jailed.

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