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And for those who who the heck riley king is it's actually be king's real name you can get those novels at that site as well richard near dot com let's go to ardian in brooklyn next year on the fan rd erector already voiced again go i i i have enjoyed that john are hitting out gale of her out a row pig got drafted this year and i'm ready to go crazy on why the kid thought did hold back to save i got when we're looking to see if we could be a quarterback of the fees are planning to have a better record than and then i realized something else save this job people tie right taylor is the perfect quarterback but boom it it it back here you could write it down right now that is so high that he will be forget it by now it's big buckle dudes deal they're going to bring you gala jim you've bald one more year with the she how far they can go and then they'll bring in enough at the uh coach next year i mean that good on that could actually uh developed fact effort goods everybody knows full kid doing and then it won't be looking at i got the uh i guess to just do what you seen seats the singer would do and and i know you know well jim accounts played really well and has been pretty good he makes his share of mistakes he's not in a league quarterback but very much like fitzpatrick he's a veteran he's a season pro and he gave donald did more than you expected but by losing this game and going into the by carolina good team if they lose that game i would start to throw the other guys in i mean i know they've they've they've kinda made up their mind i talked to brian castelo every saturday that they don't think fit rice petty is ever going to be a professional quarterback is always going to be tops a backup let's see let's let's see him play and.

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