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For women earning 6 figures on Jeff Gable It's ten 18 Back to Rita and the traffic center In Virginia on 66 eastbound everybody still being diverted onto one 23 due to the crash that happened after one 23 and before nutley street the east bound traffic is from the fairfax county Parkway getting on to one 23 Anybody after that who was either on after one 23 is getting by the crash scene to the right but not a lot of traffic left getting by there to the rights as soon it's just going to be that diversion point headed to the crash scene Now before all this on 66 we had eastbound near 29 in Centreville a broken down truck in the right lane with a bit of a delay Northbound 95 before lorton the crash was moved out of the roadway to the left with the lanes open In Maryland on branch avenue both directions near Burke hill and earnshaw watch for that work zone Southbound branch avenue near brandy wine road that's a street sweeping crew just a single right lane getting you by and we also have a mobile work crew on northbound I 97 headed toward the Baltimore beltway last seen in the area of route 100 moving along the right side In the district southbound D.C. two 95 heavy from the BW Parkway and route 50 headed toward burrows avenue that's a report of a wreck then northbound delay is from Pennsylvania avenue trying to head toward benning road that was also the scene of a crash Metro want you to ride confident with precautions I can prove air filtration on buses and railcars ride easy knowing metros taking proactive measures to welcome back riders I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Storm team four is Mike with our forecast We're going to see partly cloudy skies across the RHA temperatures have really risen a lot over the last couple of hours We're going to bump our highs.

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