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Mean they may be meeting well, and and the other part is. They were driving to two different meetings and driving two different. Projects now. You know that we're all losing that drive time, but we are. So what that means is that you could be more productive in that time instead of just sitting behind the wheel. All Right, so remind us one more time. We'll get into the Aug twenty five closures as we draw closer to them, but the one. That's just right around the corner. Yeah. Yeah, so that's GONNA. Be The county. Bridge, twenty Lamoure County. Rose Twenty. Bridge can't talk this morning. and that will be on that. We'll have a fulltime quarter full nighttime closure of I twenty five on the night of July twenty seven. So. That'll be nine PM to five am. Okay jared files CDOT REGION FOR COMMUNICATIONS manager. You know what talked pretty good. Well Hey thank you very much. I don't have quite enough coffee to get done working. I! Feel you my friend? I feel you. Jared files not report communications manager. Thanks as always. You Bet you'll have a great day. Eight forty seven, now thirteen ten KFI KFI KFI. While the whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten, Kfi K.. Just, how mad are fans that? There's no rocky mountain showdown in two thousand twenty. We'll talk about it on the next hole. Show ten, Kfi..

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