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A question for you. I've always got questions for you. I love it. It makes me feel so needed and wanted. Have you ever gotten a compliment that somebody said it as a compliment, but as you thought about it, you were like, is this diminutive? Yep. Like what is a word that people sometimes call you that feels like it's not an actual compliment? It wasn't, it wasn't, okay, so the time I'm thinking about, I'll put aside because that wasn't a specific word that was whole conversation that just turned out. It was trying to be a compliment, but it turned offensive. Someone told me how hot my sister was with great surprise. I was like, like, no, listen. She's really hot. And I was like, yeah, I fucking get it. Am I literally the hunchback? What are you like, are you kidding? But no, I love when people are just like, especially when I was in government and I was like a bit on the younger side. They're like, what a spark plug. Oh. I mean, I know what it means. But I just felt it felt a little bit like gidget had come to Washington. And I'm not saying that I wasn't like gidget comes to Washington, but I mean, spark plug just seemed like, you know, they could have done better. Yeah, why couldn't they call you a wunderkind or something? Oh, wonder kid. Listen, anything German is fine by me. Anything, German. Post 1950 in reparations. Sure. Sure, sure, sure. They've done a good job since the Jurgen on the great British baking show. That's German representation. I'm saving that up. I'm saving it up for what I'm stuck inside for months. Okay, not a spoiler. He has a Jewish family and so a lot of his bakes are like, he's like, this is a Passover themed pavlova. Oh. I believe that. I can't wait to watch the season. Well, I'll introduce the other two people who are here. One of them was just talking. She is an author writer and certified boss bitch lady of history. History, please. Her story, Danish Schwartz. Dana, welcome. So good to have you in studio. Oh my God, this is surreal and amazing. I know it feels great last week. I forgot the address. I did too. I had to email Caroline. Nice. Nice. We also have another author. She's also an activist and a shiro. Just in my cave today. It kind of blends in with the wall behind you. You're doing like white on white on white. What's a word that you get called sometimes that you're like, ah, I know you mean that in a nice way, but that sort of makes me feel like you're calling me like a plucky young upstart. Well, I hate it when people tell me that I'm well spoken or that I'm eloquent I absolutely hate it when people tell me that because I'm like, well, what do you expect? Especially after they know I'm a writer and then they're like, oh, you're so eloquent. I'm like, why did you expect me to not be eloquent? I really hate that when people tell me that. Have you ever asked somebody that question, why did you expect me to not be? And watched them sort of squirm. You know, I have not done that, but now that you've put the idea in my head, be careful. Be careful in next person that tells me that. I mean, it's one of those things where if you do that, that is choosing violence, but sometimes you just have to choose violence when it comes to stuff like this. Yes. Okay, so we're going to talk about the word badass and the ways that we complement women..

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