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That's t the number two t dot org Stuck in traffic. We've got the answer. It's really busy on the cross. Bronx West found heavy traffic into the Alexander Hamilton Bridge with an accident. Harlem River drive southbound one forties. It's an accident being cleared eastbound Rwanda's heavy through the prospect, much for a problem on the ClearView South, found right at the Grand Central Parkway accident investigation. That accident involving a tractor trailer. So expect some delays there and taking a ride over 2 to 87 North, Exit 14 and Bridgewater collision just about clear sponsored by express pros. Com looking for a job Contact the express employment professionals and be part of their national hiring event with one application Express connects you with multiple employers and never charges a fee. Kota Express pros dot com. Find your nearest office and call expressed today checking in on the forecast cloudy skies today is straight shower here or there. By today of 77 you now know where not to go on, Debbie, do him But you're episcopo. Am 9 70 the answer. Good morning. Welcome to your Tuesday morning briefing. Here's what you need to know to start your day with your host. Former Saturday night Live superstar Joe Piscopo. Produced by Joseph Delia. With news guy alga Tullow and traffic with Debbie Do Heyman. This is that Joe Piscopo show am 9 70 the answer..

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