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This now, because, like I said, I know we've talked about this in the past. But the impetus for this right now is the home that was used in the first two seasons of the Golden Girls has been sold. Stephen of Yellow. No, no. I don't think he's quite that rich. Well, you know what? He surprised me. He's a big golden girls fan. I know that. He's a big Golden Girls fan, and he does have that TV money, but I don't know if he's got $4 million of TV money for a house. Where is this house? It's actually it's actually in California, so the show was based in Florida, right? The Popular Series tells the story of four Miami women. The Syriza shot all seven seasons at studios in Los Angeles and the home that served as the facade. With comedies first two seasons and inspired the set that took over from season three and onward is located in a quiet residential street in Brentwood, California. So sorry. The house that they shot everything for the show wasn't even in Florida was in California. The iconic 2900 Square foot home was put up for sale with an asking price. Of $2.999 million, But the new owners were so keen to secure the winning bid among 20 other interested parties, they offered more than $1 million. Over the asking price. Damn. The fans of the series remained a hopeful that the home might be purchased by HD TV. After the network bought the Brady Bunch home back last year and then remodeled the inside. It looked like it did in the seventies sitcom for the Syriza, Vory Brady renovation instead. It'll be on by a family who wishes to remain anonymous but has been revealed to be big fans of the four bedroom, homes, location and architecture, but apparently they were not actually fans of the show. So Have. It's a two part question. The first part was If you could live in a fictional home, Whatever home it was. Money's not an object, Which would it be like I said, We've talked about this before. It's already know my answer. Cloe has given his Alfie if I'd given you enough time to company. This is a huge question. I mean, I can't just just, you know, pick a random house that you know, Adam Thin air. Not the point. I'll take Avengers Mansion. That's pretty good. And as the Avengers mansion don't even imagine that's a whole ass facility, So that's actually a really wise choice. That's not really a house. Yeah, that's a business. No, Tony Stark lives there. He has a room there before profit business. Yeah, we got tell me called. How is how is the Avengers of business? Because they get paid by who? That's what I'm wondering. I assume I assume Tony Stark just kind of pays their bills. Now he's certainly get a salary on that. You remember an endgame. Whenever was that? What the Scarlett Johansson's character? She goes. I've got this job. She has a job. It was the job. It's taking care of the world and have a job in in game. She was dusty. Yeah. No, no, no. Scarlett Johansson wasn't Not an invalid. Sorry. Sorry. I was thinking of Scarlet Witch. The point is, is the Avengers. They're They're just concerned citizens. So where did you get the money to operate? Tony Stark. He's got the cash, but he's just blowing. He's operating in a net loss out of the good of his heart. It's a thank you just well. He's operating a not a nonprofit type of deal. Uh, now the way the reason I saw because So this Golden Girls House sells for a million dollars over asking because someone has really relieved like the House. And apparently had actually nothing to do with the golden girls. But Like I said, We've had this conversation before. What fictional house would you live in? If you could. I think my answer before and still is. Tony starts mansion. Stay with the Avengers theme. Um What? And after you got yours and club what was yours again? Um Magnum P I the one in Magnum P. I Higgins house. So now let me let me turn the question to the opposite. What fictional house would you not want to live in? That's easy. It's either like the Munsters house or Adam's family, something that's you know, you know, spook it here and jump out in vampires and such all those aren't that bad. Those those shows were word sitcoms. Granted, they're based on you know, scary monsters, but those were still sitcoms. Now, if you wanted to say, you know, I don't feel like living in the Poltergeist house That makes sense. Where's the Munsters mansion in Isn't it like in Hillsboro or something like that? I honestly have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. See the minister's house. It's one of the two the monsters of the Adams family. No, it's the Monster's mansion. It's 13 13 Mockingbird Lane, but I think it's there's a replica. I want to say in Hillsboro or walks, a hatchet or something like that. That sounds familiar. Did Sorry I'm Googling now. It's okay. You didn't answer the question, Dan. Not yet because I have like a tiny list. So part of my list was to see here. CLO. You know how you said you'd want to live in Higgins house in Magnum P. I. Yes, The house I would not want to live in is Magnum P. I This guesthouse. Okay. I also would not want to live in that cabin in the woods. I don't want to live in the last house on the left, and I certainly don't want to live anywhere with that dull Annabelle lives. You probable?.

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