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No disrespect to him, of course, but like, look, there's some things that not even he can't overcome. I still think that they have a shot if they play 80 at centerfold to make the play. To me, to make the plan. I think, listen, I said on our free season podcast where we had like kind of a whole SI gang together. I said I would not shock me if they went out in the first round. Howard Beck thought I was crazy, shot to back absolute legend. It would not shock if they went out of the first round. I still think they can create some problems with I mean I could try to look up the numbers when I'm feeling lazy, but I think AD it's a 5 they've been it's workable. And I think that they can maybe figure something out. But that also means stop closing games with THT. 100%. Okay, let's move on to this email from Kerry, who writes hello equally talented, open floor crew. Love the love the podcast and have for ages. My question who is your most embarrassing favorite player? Emma wolves fan and the first person I remember them drafting was Isaiah Ryder. He is definitely my answer and was my favorite player until KG two years later. Thanks for your potting Carrie. Carrie, this is an amazing question. Great question. Great question. I'm curious, Rohan. Did you have did you have to think about this one or did you just know instantly who you were going to go with? I had to think about it in terms of like Zach Randolph, I don't think is embarrassing, but it's like maybe you're trying too hard to be hipster, you know? But yeah, I wouldn't say I had to think about it too deep. Okay, so I didn't either. So my favorite player I've said this many times before on the show, my favorite player growing up is David Robinson. Not embarrassed at all about that. He's incredible. Love David Robinson to this day. There were times during the David Robinson era when he was in San Antonio, of course, where my allegiance would shift to his teammates, where I'd be like, you know, player X is now my favorite player because he's not him, but my guy Avery Johnson held that belt for at least like two years. And so much to the point where our family growing up, his middle name was Avery. My parents let me give him the middle name, not the first name. Good work. Good work. And so that's how much I loved Avery Johnson and was a huge fan it's like when you're growing up you're trying to find players who you can relate to on the court and it's just like someone who can't hit a jumper who's really sure who's just not turning it over, but not doing anything that great, that was me. So I really saw a lot of myself in Avery Johnson and I am very embarrassed about all of this. So that's my answer. So what's your answer? So for me, my first exposure to the NBA was a 5 or 6 year old booting up NBA courtside on the N 64 with my brother..

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