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The night on the fbi memo of the the memo being released and dads if the rip on some of the idiots out there okay first of all cnn has gop memo was released in defiance of the fbi and justice department in defiance of them you know trump releases in defiance of who appoints justice who're points the head of the fbi who can fire the head of the fbi who points the attorney general and the deputy attorney general or the assistant tord engine or whatever you wanna call the president does in defiance as if it's like a your boss in your defying airbus they're not his boss he is their boss you don't have to like it on that i'm not trying to say that that that the y'all if you if you don't lie your letter that's your prerogative but on saying is that in defiance is as if he was not allowed to do this it's all they can come up with on the meantime on the rippon lorry ingram little bit she's no the the headline i heard show right now is bombshell rocks washington i i don't think it's a bombshell rocking washington i gotta be honest with you i think it's a bad it's bad what happen and um i look forward to see what the democrat thing is that comes out and then i think dershowitz is right that eventually we're going to see the fis a warrant with names certain names redact and we should because the steel dossier was used and um according to the memo um without it there would be no fis worn in member the guy that had targeted that a carter carter page right the guy that a targeted was a trump uh aid and he they renew the fis warned three or four times he they never charged with acting as he was he would.

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