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In a lot of ways, Georgia runs their system just like the Patriots and how many years have we always said, Richard Seymour or whoever it may be, oh, well, they don't get the stats because they're not asked to do it, right? That's the big selling point on Trayvon walker. The problem that I have with it is if that's your selling point, then you at the end of the day are ultimately projecting that that player is going to become a double digit sack guy. Worthy of the first round pick strictly based on tools. And if you're picking that type of guy at like 5 or 6, like if you're the Giants or you're the Panthers and you're taking Trayvon walker there, I can totally sell myself on that. When I'm picking one one, I got to see a little bit of production on the tape. I have to be able to see a little bit of a football player there that does produce at a high level. I think taking a guy strictly based off of upside and based off of tools, but the first overall pick in the draft is a tough sell. Now the other issue that I think the Jaguars have is there is no consensus one one quarterback in this draft. So in a normal draft, when you have Trevor Lawrence as your quarterback and you already have that box checked, the Jaguars would be trading out of this pick to a team that wants to draft a quarterback. So it's not a great year. It probably would have already done it at this point. Right, it's not a great year to have the first overall pick. That's the end of that point. So I think ultimately trend bulky wins out. I think he gets his guy in Trayvon walker and I think that that's the pick here. And I believe that Peterson and Khan will say to him, we're going to go with you. And if you're wrong about this, it's your job, right? I mean, that's ultimately what it comes down to. It should have been his job last year, but we'll see. Yeah, all right, so I agree with you. So Trayvon walker. And again, as.

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