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Council. Coming up on KCBS. This is about Butler in Vallejo at the Taco Bell were mad who fell asleep with a drive through your shot and killed by police. What would you do if you had a Vissel on your lap? Ten fifteen a KCBS sports. Caroline burns. Well, it's not over till it's over still more golf to play in the final round of the AT and T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. Phil Mickelson going after his fifth win there. He turned a three shot deficit to Paul Casey into a three-shot lead this afternoon, but rain and a hailstorm that caused a two hour delay didn't let him or KC finish play was halted later because of darkness, but Mickelson still wanted to play celebrity. Clint Eastwood could understand why bills for view, though, I think he just he's gotta have hand from an amateur point of view. You don't know if you're gonna wake up in the morning and have that swing as quite to the fuel. You have all day. He's he's been shooting magnificent. What I want those are you gonna wake up in the morning and join us today the clock tower. Face. Maybe a new quote Eastwood joining Jim Nance on the golf channel Mickelson is at eighteen under par through sixteen holes Casey is at fifteen under tied with Scott stallings now play resumes at eight AM Mickelson's. I shot will be off. The tee at seventeen Casey's is a short putt on sixteen those final holes are free to the public. No ticket necessary. Lindsey Vonn winning the bronze medal in the world championship downhill today in the final race of her career von said after the race that she hoped she would win one file spot on the podium. I all today as always I was so nervous all day. Oh. Serious anxiety. You know, I think I wanted more than anything to finish strong. Von becomes the first female skier to win medals at six different world championships and qualified for the Daytona five hundred next weekend. Twenty one year old William Byron earned the pole driving the Chevrolet with the.

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