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Tip of the cap to you, my friend because you did an outstanding job. Get everybody underway. Mike Bagley Over in turn number three, right 48 to go here in stage number two. The weather is beginning to change around us Just a little bit, Alex. Yeah, That's an understatement. You could say for sure coming up out of out of the East, which is behind the front straightaway. It is. It's picking up with the wind. But the skies were getting extremely dark now by rule here, since we've begun this stage racing what we do to make a race deemed official it's whatever comes first. The end of stage two or halfway on the lap count. Today, it will be halfway on the lap count, which will be 156 laps. There's 1 38 on the board right now and, Well, Mike Bagley, your position out there in the grandstands on on the top. Over there. Turn number three. You've got a pretty good view of the changing weather conditions here. We've gone from bright, sunny skies to get cloud here. They're having to look over my right shoulder. And if you're familiar with the ruby independents stay, you know what I'm talking about. All of a sudden the sky has turned black. It's not showing up on my radar. But there is shower activity in the area and we've gone from having a great weather weekend now being threatened by Mother Nature here in the middle reaches of this second of the two double headers right outside our window. Where all the way at the top of the racetrack here there is a cameraman. And by rule, they have to be tethered and probably a good thing that he is because there's a lot of wind blowing around him. But we're in good shape right now. Jason Toy You are talking with Cliff Daniels about weather and And that affects how these guys approached the race. Doesn't it definitely doesn't mean it. Forces them to stay be takes change. Stay out on the opportunity comes up or come down..

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