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A ready any enroll down one and when doni says stir right and then i had a teammate think when i walked up and i jumped so in turned up but he had done is he part great next to me so he part down the driver side and when he loaded his car up he left just door open but but if it so excited to go all he left is door open and when he back it back doubt right right into murray driver sight passenger door but su be so it's been about an hour on the today his insurance so usa a called the they did they got the story straight course they're going to be but you know the range in the red all current because when rate but travels to terms like it take this over the body chop and it for week or more so anyway that's that's all done but but you know it and look it's not a bad huge didn't and i was him up like door fixed but begin laced up in i could probably bad now but you know and and and it'll be good enough to get to two thousand nine to but you door banks in that but then i thought well made the snap or two i think you know we right you haven't pull the rest the little dense out and the peed extra bother payton you know yet paint mixed up it's cheaper so they're going to pay for the bang you know hey to get a couple spots patch bob over there so but you know i guess that the.

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