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On your cell in this real now but uh it i mean like whether brian clough first sir alex is the better of the two great english football managers is really only a question roy keane's mind but it's a movie about brian cost forty four days in charge of leeds united and it's really really really really well done i got one more serious 2004 two nonda's can the commission shall shaolin soccer thing he had the workers good for south shaolin soccer is cheeks and i won't have me say otherwise i'd like it's i didn't know that anyone saw that movie um but i'm i'm going allow it i mean allow that i'm gonna throw to more uh feverpitch not the baseball movie but the one with colin firth i kinda like that than there's this other movie i think donny i think we talked about this before this movie called lay you dawn lay blue which is a bow the it's a documentary following the french soccer team in 1988 when they won the world cup and they just have all this insane incredible behind the scenes footage there's one game i think actually was against morocco it on gets redcarded and they have a camera in the locker room when's it on walks off the field after getting red cartons in the locker room and you just see him sort of loses mine by himself in the locker room um uh and that's that that move is insane um and they end up winning the world cup i guess i despoiled it for you home so but.

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